Bear with me. When Animal Collective dropped their teaser-of-sorts 'Michael Remember' back in 2015, it seemed as if the upcoming Painting With would be mired in a fluorescent ocean scene. What we got instead was a fairly terrestrial and garrulous set of pop tunes. Records that have come out since have come close to that morphologic sound we heard, but I was left feeling a little let down.

That 3-year itch has been totally relieved by the new record from Alexis Georgopoulos, aka ARP. Geourgopoulos manages to make every electronic quirk sound intentional, like a child's toybox utilized to its full creative potential. 'Nzuku' is just that. A light vibraphone part is our torchbearer through the underwater caves while pieces of Eno, Harmonia, and Geologist pop in and out of the mix. Most appealing is the song's breeziness which makes it feel cool and inviting throughout its electronic waterscapes. The following track is the previously released 'Fluorescences', the transition into which adds sequencing to ARP's long list of skills. Usually albums like this work well for winter, but ZEBRA is sure to be a decidedly summer album.

Listen to 'Nzuku' below.

ARP's ZEBRA comes out through Mexican Summer on June 22nd.