Just a couple of months ago, bedroom artist Arran George made us swoon over his soul-driven acoustic debut, What I See On Daytime TV. The four-track EP was considered even more stunning as George provided a palpable sharpness along with cathartic elements that are seldom found in someone who’s just 21 years old. After an ephemeral break, this different type of singer-songwriter has materialized with his new track, ‘Half Awake’. The new single is one of four new songs off his sophomore EP, What I See On Latenight TV, and proves to be a poignant offering to those seeking something to lean on.

Once again listing these new tracks as demos, the acoustic-guitar playing musician captures the agonies and sorrow of living with some optimism provided for good measure. Arran is patient and poised with his delivery whilst playing it cool at every chance he gets. Stark beauty and intensity radiates throughout ‘Half Awake’, a title that aptly describes the current state a lot of people are in in their daily lives. The Cumbrian wunderkind elicits maturity and a deep significance as his acoustic guitar guides us along to a utopia only found within our hearts and minds. With the combination of piercing lyrics and George’s cavernous voice, ‘Half Awake’ is another absorbing track from a young man well on his way to the promise land of his choice.

Speaking about the track, Arran said, “It’s about being a lotus eater, half awake and useless. It can take so long to realise you’re throwing away everything for nothing at all. There’s an old Frank advert where this young lad turns into a cocoon and it’s that.”

Arran George’s sophomore EP What I See On Latenight TV is out this Friday, February 8th. Follow Arran on Facebook and Twitter.