This weeks Art Roundup has been curated by awesome London based Illustrator and good friend of The405 - Dan Mumford. Dan's art work has been seen on album covers and band T-shirts alike, known for its unique and hair raising style. We asked Dan to gives us a quick list of his Top 5 artists and a brief summary as to why he chose them. Here are the results! You can read our interview with Dan Here. Artist: Greg abbot Link: Greg has an amazing style that always brings a smile to my face whenever i see a new design from him, he also has a somewhat insanely prolific output which never ceases to amaze me. Artist: Joshua Belenger Link: Josh is a fellow illustrator who has a really fantastic draftmanship to his work, it always has a slight sketchiness to it that gives everything a nice movement and feel. Artist: Tara Mcpherson Link: Tara Mchpherson is an american artist who creates very dream like images, nearly always involving her female figures she draws so amazingly, i pretty much love everything Tara ever puts out, some of her screenprints really have to be seen for full effect! Artist: Godmachine Link: Godmachine is a fellow UK artist who works in a similar vein to myself, we noticed each others work a few years ago and got chatting ever since, he is insanely good and keeps me on my toes! Artist: Paul Romano Link: Pauls work first caught my attention before i even knew who was creating it, he did work for bands such as animosity and dead to fall and i always loved their artwork, and then i found out he also did the mastodon artwork which always blew me away, he creates some amazing paintings and always gives the clients he works with really beautiful artwork. Be sure to check out more from Dan Mumford by visiting his official website here If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at -