This weeks Art Roundup takes a look at horny art, knitted photography, chopped apples, unfathomable oil paintings and some rather unsettling but entirely captivating sculptures. Check it out! Artist: Frank Stockton Firstly, I’m not really sure to whether to think of Frank Stockton’s illustration as provocative or erotic. Which ever way you see it though, I happen to think It’s great. Stockton’s use of blacks, grays and whites in the foreground our boosted by the hot pink background, depicting a pulsating punk rock crowd at a gig. Attention to detail here is simple yet effective. I love the tattoo’s on our young adventurous lovers and check out the studs on the guy opposites jacket! Brilliant! Artist: Riitta Ikonen Link: Finnish artist Riitta Ikonen makes some pretty impressive costumes for her subjects that incorporate them into their environments in playful and hilarious ways. The experiences of the people wearing Ikonen’s creations as they ride on subways, walk through parks, and stand on the street are as important as the resulting images. Artist: Alan Warburton Cambridge artist Alan Warburton collaborated with a non-art audience to produce this series of work in which he asked volunteers to use fruit to explain politics: In Caracas, Venezuela, volunteers explained the complex and lively political scene using melons, and in Cambridge, diverse residents used locally picked apples to explain the issues that affect the city. Artist: Andy Espinoza Link: This weeks Artists of the Week goes to Andy Espinoza.Andy Espinoza is a representational oil painter who has an enthusiasm for painting the human figure. He enjoys exploring the unique relationship between shapes and values that give each figure its subtle appeal. His paintings are beautifully conceptualised, rich in narrative and technically impressive. Of his work, he says: ‘I see each human figure as a unique challenge. I am coaxed to find the unique relationship between the shapes and tones that give the particular subject its subtle appeal and unrepeatable vitality. My paintings are not photographic representations of my subjects, but rather are my elaboration of what I find to be of value in them’. Artist: David Mitchell Link:Not Available Well this week, for once, I’m well and truly stumped in being able to give you any info on the artist in question. David Mitchell is a hard man to find apparently and I couldn’t find a speck of publicity for any of his work (which wasn’t through a lack of trying). So I’m going to follow suit and not say anything, just to keep the mystery and allure about David Mitchell’s work. The image can speak for itself! If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at - - PLEASE!!!