Going out a little bit earlier then expected this week. For this weeks Art Roundup I decided to take a look at something which I often over look or neglect when coming up with these Roundups. Besides your typical type of Art; created with a pencil, paint brush or even a spray can for that matter, there is also the kind which is captured through the lens of a camera. Concluding our look at photography blog Yimmys Yayo this weeks Roundup focuses on a few ocular masterpieces achieved in this fashion. Sadly, the artists here are unknown and un named, but if anyone knows the name of those who have snapped the following photo's then please do so as we'd love to know and give them the credit they deserve! Thankfully I've never had to experience the agonizing ordeal that is being stung by a Jelly Fish. I have however heard many stories and what I really love about this photo is that it seems to capture those memorably painful tales and the sinister qualities of the Jelly Fish itself. The composition of the photograph presents itself as almost some type of Polaroid with the both the blues and reds bleeding into one another. This creates a rather venomous look to the photo as the dark sphere is captured in suspended animation dragging its vicious tentacles behind it. There is of course a great amount of danger to be seen in this photo as the Jelly Fish rises from the deep into the cool blue waters waiting to stun its prey or surprise an innocent swimmer. One of my personal favorites. I've always been a fan of all types of religious iconography. This photo stood out to me simply because I haven't seen anything quite like this statuette before. The sacred heart has always been a focal part in religious icons such as this but I see this particular photo as making more of an effort to draw your eyes toward the center chest piece itself. The backdrop is an odd one, but I like the idea of this photo being taken through a window creating the reflection that is seen. It brings up the question of where this statuette was actually housed. What's not to love about this next photo? The angle of the shot is by far the most unique that I have ever seen in a photograph. It's almost as if we ourselves have been quickly hidden under the bed in a vain attempt at secrecy and there's also a real voyeuristic feel to it too. The choice not to follow what would be seen as a conventional composition of a portrait shot means that although we never get to see the upper half of the model, we are left with this detailed segment in the photo - The hand holding a burning cigarette above an ashtray contrasts a highly sexual image besides a pair of knickers wrapped around two ankles. Something a little more provocative yet just as artistic. Under water shots are great aren't they? I've always been a fan of how hair looks under water. It's like it becomes another substance, like a liquid or something. Anyway. When I look at this picture I immediately feel compelled to hold my breath. Yet despite that this photo gives off a rather tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, as apposed to one of feeling as if you were sinking or drowning. The shape of the models naked body is also really well executed, showing the perfect curve in her body upon impact with the water as she achieves great composure under such a difficult circumstance. The shades of blue smudged and reflecting off of her peach complexion also really make this photo great. Stop squinting. Believe me I've tried and you can just about make out a nipple. Defiantly one of my favorite photographs out of the whole bunch. The young girl sprawled out between the door way really does throw you off for a moment. But after having regained your focus you can see that the way this photo has been mapped out is perfect. The foreground is very gray and shaded. A painting of a what appears to be a man at work is featured on our left and a shelf full of files and books etc to the right. The photograph of course juxtaposes these two images and the foregrounds surroundings associated with working 9 to 5 with this white washed room in the background with sunshine and palm trees pouring through the window and of course this gorgeous woman laying across the floor. Something of a reference to a personal heaven maybe? If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then by all means feel free to send us message with examples of your work to - The405arthouse@googlemail.com -