Julius Von Bismarck is an incredible artist whose work is concerned with technology and the changes brought about by invention. He is most famed for creating 'the Fulgurator' (link here) An instrument which at first appears to be a camera, which actually does the reverse, projecting an image into the photographs of others in mere milliseconds. The projection remains invisible to the human eye meaning the device is incredibly desirable to companies wishing to brand people's photographs. As such it brings about the question of responsibility of the inventor for the moral use of their inventions. The influence of such an invention is shown at large events and tourist destinations where hundreds of people are simultaneously taking photographs. The Fulgurator was tested in public several times, projecting the Magritte dove onto Mao Zedong's portrait in Bejing and a cross onto Obama's podium while he was delivering a speech in Berlin 2008. More information and photographs of the Fulgurator in use here [link:]. Bismarck created an immersive installation entitled 'The Space Beyond Me'. Video was projected from a converted 16mm camera onto phosphorescent paint. The projection is constantly rotating, mapping out a colourful, ever changing narrative onto the walls, leaving images which fade slowly back into darkness. Video here: For more of his work visit his website http://www.juliusvonbismarck.com Photobucket The Image Fulgurator Photobucket Fulguration of "the Magritte dove" on the Mao Zedong portrait at Tiananmen Square in Beijing Photobucket Projected cross onto podium, Barrack Obama's speech, Berlin 2008 Images from Julius Von Bismarck's website