Blending the artificiality of synthesizers with his rich, warm voice, Arthur Wimble has been quietly crafting some of the strongest, most emotionally affecting tracks anywhere the globe. His latest, the ode to late-night heartache 'Miss You,' is no different.

Starting with a minimalist arrangement centered on Wimble's voice, 'Miss You' simmers and stews in the painful feelings of a love that never worked out. The music builds carefully and cautiously, offering the listener warmth and beauty. But just like those late nights spent imagining how everything could be different, the catharsis never comes. This is not to say that 'Miss You' is anything short of stunning. But part of what makes it so phenomenal is how Wimple captures the pain of longing and lost love with such emotional precision.

"'Miss You' is about 4 a.m. heartache -- when you decide it’s the perfect time to scroll through your phone contacts, question all the decisions you’ve made in life, and wonder where it all went wrong," says Wimble. "In reality, you just need to go home and get eight hours sleep."

But before you settle in for your eight hours, be sure to stream Wimble's 'Miss You' up above. Just be sure to be ready for an emotional ride.