Opening this week at David Zwirner, London is an exhibition of the work of Donald Judd; the celebrated American sculptor and art critic. Judd is most well known for his geometric and architectural forms.

Judd began working in the 1960s and became one of the most significant artists of the postwar period in America. His sculptures would often take an understated linear exploration of space using a variety of materials such as steel, aluminium, Plexiglas and concrete. Judd's works are characterised by grouping developments in these forms to create an over arching spatial narrative that developed throughout his life and work.

Judd's work displays a commitment to fastidious workmanship. This is no better evidenced than in both his homes in Marfa, Texas and 101 Spring Street, New York. It was Judd's bequest that after death, nothing in his Marfa home or workshop was to be touched. The Judd Foundation painstakingly preserve this vision. There is even a Judd customised Land Rover, with made to measure steel compartments comprising the interior. Over a period of 7 years the Judd Foundation have recently restored 101 Spring Street and his former New York home has recently reopened for visitors.

The exhibition at David Zwirner spans the career of Judd, showcasing important works in relationship to his primary preoccupations: surface, volume, material and form.

Donald Judd, David Zwirner, London 21st June – August 3rd:

101 Spring Street, New York: