The works of American artist Jonas Wood are works of unification. Working in oil, gouache, pencil and/or acrylic in a style that is heavily influenced by contemporary American life, his paintings combine the characteristic elements of cubism, pop art, abstraction and surrealism. This is not to say you need a degree in Art History to understand the confusing number of 'isms' in the art world that have had an effect on his style. Qualities of well-known artists, from Picasso and Kandinsky to Edward Hopper and Stuart Davis, all emerge from the two-dimensional objects painted onto the canvas.

Myriads of boldly outlined, semi-abstracted shapes cluster together in a claustrophobic composition, expanding into backdrops of liberating colour. Hallucinogenic sofa fabrics, an abundance of plant-life, unsteady lines and the striking flatness of objects leads to a disorienting sense of dimension and space, but Wood’s work nevertheless develops a cinematographic abstraction of suburban life.