Polish artist Piotr Lakomy is currently showing at The Sunday Painter, Peckham. Life Size Shadow is his first solo exhibition in London and features sculptures in Styrofoam, aluminium and spray paint.

On first encounters, the work appears to be heavy and more traditionally constructed from stone or marble. Instead it is light and easily removable. The scale of the objects are tangible and communicate directly with the proportions of the human body. As a result they do not impose on bodily space and allow a dialogue to develop between object and viewer. Lakomy's work references the monument without having the historical material presence of one. There is an overall feeling of decay and inevitable destruction which, is a contemporary development beyond his minimalist influences.

There will be a further opportunity to view Lakomy's work in Bold Tendancies, opening on Saturday 30th June. The exhibition at The Sunday Painter will continue until 21st July.

All images credited to Piotr Lakomy and The Sunday Painter.