Admiral Fallow might just have found the winning combination for perfect indie-pop - scottish accents, flawless harmonies and perfect pop sensibilities. They share with us, amongst other things, the beauty of tour life, subsisting of Saucermeat Rolls, Prince and iPhone games.

Tell us about yourselves and about Admiral Fallow?

We are Admiral Fallow from Glasgow. There are 5 of us....Louis Abbott - voice, guitars
....Sarah Hayes - voice, flute, keyboards....Joe Rattray - bass....Phil Hague - drums and Kevin "Brillzo" Brolly - clarinet, keyboards, voice and percussion. Sarah is a girl and the rest of us are boys. We met at Uni a few years ago and play indie folk pop, sometimes even referred to as "orchestral"! We hope to see you in a venue soon. Come and say hi. Enjoy. That's all!

What are you listening to?

Joy Kills Sorrow - This Unknown Science. Excellent five-piece from Boston, MA who we had the pleasure of playing with in Stirling. Elvis Perkins - Ash Wednesday. Maps And Atlases - Beware And Be Grateful. Prince - Dirty Mind. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


The Life And Time Of Last Minute Rielly - Lawrie Reilly (autobiography). [Louis] We Need To Talk About Kevin - Lionel Shriver. [Joe] Retromania - Simon Reynolds. [Joe] After The Quake - Haruki Murakami. [Phil] Burning Your Boats - Angela Carter. [Sarah] The Girl Who Played With Fire - Stieg Larsson. [Kevin]


Nothing. Unfortunately the dvd player in the van is broken although I did watch Senna on the ferry up to Shetland. Tragic story.


We're not big gamers but our TM Davy has us playing Draw Something and The LogosQuiz on the iPhone.


Stovies. Curry. Guinness. Saucermeat Rolls (on shetland. it's like black pudding). The gig in Aviemore, near inverness, is The Old Bridge Inn. They have a very classy menu so we treated ourselves that one night to Quail, Truffled Hen's Egg, Salmon, Duck

Anything else?

Our second album "Tree Bursts In Snow" is out in a few days on Nettwerk and we are all excited about it, just as we were when we played our first gig in Stirling town in September 2006.

Promo Info:

New album 'Tree Bursts In Snow' is released worldwide on 21 May. Current single 'The Paper Trench' is out now.

You can visit the band by clicking here.