I'm Guy from the band Auction. I play drums and sing backing vocals...And I'm Kane from the same band and I play bass guitar. We formed as a band in early 2010. Listening to: We have a massively wide variety of tastes throughout the band, from electronic bass music to guitar music. As we write this we are watching a live recording of a band we both really like called Swimming, playing in a strange building in the snow. You should check it out: Reading: Guy never reads books, but currently I'm reading a book called 'The Tipping Point' by Malcolm Gladwell, which shows how small things can make a big difference, things you'd never think were a cause for huge changes in every day life. It's a lot better than freakonomics, anyway. Watching: We are both currently watching wonders of the universe with Professor Brian Cox, the man with a smile. Guy is obsessively watching 'the event' on channel 4, as he loved Lost and now this is all he has left. Playing: We both like to DJ vinyl, so we do that. Eating: Every morning Guy has two rations of bacon on bagels with an egg on top of that, surrounded by a sea of beans, and as for me, I don't eat breakfast. Promo info: We have our debut single coming out on the 18th of April. Available for Digital Download (It's free now at www.auctiontheband.com for a limited time only!) & Limited 7" Vinyl. We will be playing a show the same day in London so keep your eyes peeled.