About me: I sing and play guitar in Being There. We're a four piece band in London. I live near Finsbury Park. It's my birthday in four months.

Listening to: I've been listening to Main Attrakionz loads recently, there's a mix of their stuff called Two Man Horror Film that's really incredible. I love Squadda B and Clams Casino's production. There's a song on there called 'Legion of Doom' which is kind of sad and creepy and beautiful all at once. 

After Bert Jansch died I started listening to his stuff again, his self titled record is seriously amazing. He had such a unique style of songwriting that I really admire, his lyrics were really to the point, but his guitar playing is out of this world. It sounds so simple, but that kind of simplicity can only come about by being a true master of your art, knowing exactly what to strip away. You can hear it on a song like 'Running From Home'. I've been listening to Kurt Vile a lot recently too, songs like 'Overnite Religion' and 'I Know I've Got Religion'. Those songs are kind of about playing music being this intimate, almost spiritual experience, and in a strange way I can relate to that. 


Reading: I'm reading Sentimental Education by Flaubert, it's really amazing. I tried to read it a few years ago, but I think maybe I was too young and it didn't make any sense to me. But now I can actually really relate to it. It's about this young man who kind of stumbles through life in revolutionary Paris in the 1840s, going from one thing to another without ever being able to settle on one career or love. He'll read a great book and decide to become a novelist, have a conversation about politics and call himself a revolutionary. And then forget all those things when the woman he obsesses over calls on him. It feels like that period is weirdly similar to our time now, one of political upheaval and complete dissatisfaction with the government. Frederic, the main character, sits around with his friends, talking about recent revolutions in other countries and slagging off stock brokers, just like now.


Watching: I got back into Woody Allen films recently, I re-watched Annie Hall and Manhattan, and watched a Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy. That was really funny. It's based on the Bergman film Smiles of a Summer Night, which is also really great. I just finished the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which might be my favourite, it's so good. I went to the cinema to see Melancholia too, I really liked that.

Playing: I played Risk with some friends last week. Risk is amazing, it's so intense. You have to have really strong friendships to withstand the strain it causes. It's best played after a few drinks so you really get into the war-like spirit.

Eating: We've started a tour with Noah and the Whale so I've mainly been eating whatever we get at the venue, which can sometimes be nice and other times not so much. I bagged three mini Coco Pops packets from the venue yesterday though. And an orange.


Promo Info: We're on tour with Noah until the end of the month, and then on November 29th we're playing a single launch show for 'The Radio' (our first single), at the Shaklewell Arms. 'The Radio' comes out next month, and then our first album will be released on Young and Lost after the New Year.