Honor Titus: Friends call me “tits.” Born in Brooklyn. Skating, slayer, Heineken and Valentine, J train, “SHE’S HOT!”, cheeseburgers, St. Marx, stupid tattoos (cat riding a motorcycle), Bart Simpson and Doug Funnie. Beavis and Butthead, Vans and videogames. Listening to: Generation X, Candlemass, Trash Talk, Happy Birthday, Christian Death, Saxon, Dead Boys, Big L, Luke Sky Flaka, Slayer. I listen to way too much shit to even filter it. Um, I LOVE YOUNG LOUD AND SNOTTY. I’ve listened to that album more than I’ve jerked off probably. I also love The Zombies. Odyssey and Oracle is what my dreams sound like. Billy Idol is an idol. Um throw in like a 68056805 ripping NYHC bands that you may’ve never heard but that’s only one facet to the madness that is my musical taste. Who fucking knows? I Like Too Much Stuff. ‘Bad to the Bone’ by George Thorougood and the destroyers may be the best rock riff ever. Ozzy Rules (we played Glasgow last night.) Reading: A Dead Boy’s Tale by Cheetah Chrome. Love The Dead Boys. Long Live Stiv. Nuts stories and tales from Stiv’s right hand man. Watching: Eastbound and Down & Stay Gold among other skate videos. Jerry Hsu and Leo Romero are fucking nuts. Playing: With girls, guitar, my health, skate 1 (were broke), music super fucking loud. Eating: Ramen/ weird fucking green room meats/ PIZZZZZZZAAAA Anything else: New York is killing it. Cerebral Ballzy is following suit. Were going to change the face of what you think is punk in the following months. THRASH. Promo info: Dropping a 7" on the 29th on Moshi Moshi. Um, Raymond Pettibon did the artwork. Finishing up an album which is still untitled. Working really fucking hard to make it longer than 20 min. EP coming after the single. Were thrashing hard and we want the kids to come along, LET’S SHOTGUN A BREW FOOL. Where you at?
You can visit the band by heading to http://fuckyeahcerebralballzy.tumblr.com 'Insufficient Fare' is out now on Moshi Moshi Singles Club