About Us: We are CITIZENS! We're a band from London. There are five of us. My name is Tom.

Listening to: We can’t stop listening to the Friends single, ‘I’m His Girl.’ The video is beyond sexy. We dropped M83’s ‘Midnight City’ at a party in Paris last week and a few people actually died of euphoria. Martyn has been listening to SBTRKT. I’ve been working out the chords to Queen songs.

Reading: One condition for joining this band was that you had to read ‘Please Kill Me: An Oral History of Punk.’ You had to read it and you had to enjoy it, and then you were allowed in. I’m reading Anna Karenina at the moment. It’s not nearly as boring as I thought it was going to be.

Watching: I’ve just watched the Three Colours trilogy with my girlfriend. The first one is especially good. She cried. I didn’t. I just said things like: ‘Wasn’t there a band called Three Colours Red?

’There was a show on UK Channel 4 recently called Top Boy. It was set in the area where we live. It was about gangsters. We’re not gangsters.

Of course we also spend a lot of time watching the leaves falling from the trees, the raining falling from the sky and a whole bunch of other poetic shit.

Playing: This is how cool we are: We have a game we play in the tour bus. One person starts it by saying: ‘I’ve started a business.’ We respond: ‘What kind of business?’ and: ‘How’s it going?’ The initiator then has to answer those questions with some kind of pun, eg: ‘I make life-jackets… And I’m just about keeping my head above water.’

If any of you kids out there like the sound of that we can play on twitter.

Eating: Our drummer, Mike, makes an incredible Lamb Tagine. He puts everything in there. He puts things in there I didn’t even know you could eat. I think he puts coal in there. When we’re not eating that we eat a lot of baked potatoes and broccoli.

Promo: Their debut single True Romance is out December 19 on Kitsune with an album in the new year. You can find out more at their site here.