My name's Cop Car Bonfire, I'm from Vancouver originally. I started out my career with no intention of it ever becoming a career. I was experimenting a lot with sound and finding these amazing little rifts in my music that to me emulated a psychedelic experience.

I moved to Montreal and before I knew it people were asking me to do shows and things just picked up from there. I started doing small loft shows and I'm currently collaborating with Claire Boucher of Grimes on a project we call Membrain.

Listening to:

I'm listening to a lot of my own music, I try not to get to much influence from other peoples music. If I had to say one though it would be Sundrips, some Montreal underground psychedelia.


My drum machine instruction manual.


Red and yellow led light's in a sequence flashing before my eyes.





Make a list of your fav things about being on earth?

  • Dreaming
  • Love
  • Creating

What's in your head right now?


What 5 things define you?

  • 1. I don't think about the outcome of what I create
  • 2. I dream about what I play
  • 3. I include unpredictable elements
  • 4. I know nothing isn't perfect
  • 5. I am only a body to something bigger than myself

What five things bother you?

There's no need to get into that.

If you could teach any class what would it be?

How to drop out.

What did you dream of last night?

I dreamt that I was playing my drum machine in the ocean.

What is your favourite thing to eat?


Who are your favourite people?

My favorite people are my closest friends.

Describe your favourite outfit:

Fully naked

What was your favourite thing to do when you were young?

When I was a kid I just loved playing with my imaginary friend...

What five things would you like to try in your lifetime?

  • 1. India
  • 2. Berlin
  • 3. Own and farm a small plot of land
  • 4. Create something beautiful for anyone to listen to
  • 5. Maintain my inner peace

Promo info: also my side project with Grimes: