Name: D. Ramirez About me: My name is D.Ramirez (Dino to my mates) and i'm a record producer and DJ based in Sheffield. I record for labels such as Four:Twenty, Toolroom, Azuli and i run my own label called Slave Recordings. I am just about to release a new E.P on my label called 'The Wired E.P' and it features two tracks and two remixes. I have been in the record business for around 20 years and i released my first single on a label called 3 Beat in 1991 under the name of Cordial with a track called 'Candelight'. Since then i have had various successes under various different guises and the biggest track of mine would have probably been 'Keep On Jumpin' by The Lisa Marie Eperience. Back in 2006 my remix of Bodyrox 'Yeah Yeah' catapulted me back into the limelight when it went to number 2 in the national charts. Since then i have been touring the world DJ ing everywhere from Russia to Australia. Listening to: At the moment i don't have a lot of time to listen to music other than what i play as a DJ but recently a friend of mine introduced me to a guy called Burial and i just can't get the album off my stereo. I don't know a lot about him as apparently he wants to remain anonymous (that's probably because of all the illegal sampling of acapellas he does). I guess prior to listening to Burial i had no idea what Dubstep was so i was very surprised to hear how dark it is. Even though the vocals are obviously R&B acapellas stolen from old garage and R&B tracks there's an underlying darkness to the feel of the music which absolutely fascinates me. I can only imagine how good it would sound if you happened to stumble across a joint and accidently smoke it all - i'd imagine that it would blow your mind and send you off tripping into another dimension. I love all the crackles and old vinyl noise buried in the tracks - i love the fact it sounds like it's been recorded by a 12 year old with no ears (it's pretty lo-fi) and i love the way that he's used the vocals and re-arranged all the vocal melodies (thanks Melodyne) to create totally new songs. I happen to think it's the work of a total genius who obviously never leaves his bedroom through fear of disintegrating in the daylight - amazing! Reading: At the moment i'm reading a book called 'Awareness' by Anthony De Melo. This book is based on the spiritual teachings of the Anthony's ancestors and it goes deeply into spiritual and mental awareness. It points out that as children when we are brought up we are fed certain rules which don't necessarily serve us as adults, yet we still live our lives according to these rules. The book attempts to point out that we need to be more aware of how we think and act, only then through this awareness can we attempt to change these patterns that have been bogging us down and stopping us from growing mentally. As i'm a traveling DJ i find it good to read spiritually enlightening books as they help me to keep my equilibrium. Being on a plane surrounded by screaming children for 12 hours can be somewhat disturbing for my mental state! Watching: Film, T.V., DVD, Intrawebs…whatever you like! I love to watch movies and the most recent movie which i really liked was the new Woodie Allen movie 'Vicky Christina Barcelona'. Two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Spain become enamored with the same painter, unaware that his ex-wife, with whom he has a tempestuous relationship, is about to re-enter the picture. Until watching this movie i've not been a fan of Penelope Cruz but i thought she was fabulous in this role playing the mental ex. I also like trashy TV, especially things like Project Catwalk and Oprah Winfey (oh dear) and there's nothing finer than to switch off at the end of the day with. Thanks Sky+ Playing: Techno Techno Techno! Eating: … My very special home made cottage pie which my girlfriend has nicked named 'Manor House Pie' as it really is that special! I made it on a Sunday after a crazy night out in Swindon DJ ing at a club called Suju and it was the perfect accompaniment for a lazy Sunday nursing a rather large hangover. Thinking about: This is your chance to tell the world what’s on your mind…if indeed anything is… I'm currently thinking about The release of my new E.P on my newly re-vamped label Slave as today it goes out for sale exclusively on a download site called Beatport and i obviously want it to go straight in the top 10. Please all you lovely people out there, give me some good energy to help it along it's way -) You can listen to some D. Ramirez tunes on his Myspace: "D.Ramirez Myspace":
"The Wired E.P" is available exclusively on Beatport.
It features two new D. Ramirez tracks "Wired" and "The Road of Excess" featuring mystery pop star collaborator LDV both from the steel city of Sheffield. Remixes from Rob Babicz and D.Ramirez.