Die Jungen is a solo project I started around February 2011. I guess the music could be classed as 'Lo-Fi, Appropriation, Psychedelic, Surf, Pop'...

Listening To:

Umrijeti za strojem's bandcamp. Also Pink Playground's LP - 'Destination Ecstasy' and Martial Canterel's 'You Today' have been on repeat a lot lately.


'Chariot of the Gods: Was God An Astronaut?' made for interesting reading on tour recently. I also started reading 'Heart of Darkness' by Joesph Conrad then too, but haven't got round to finishing it since coming home.


Most recently, I watched 'Drive', which was great.


No Die Jungen tour dates yet, but maybe soon...


My girlfriends wonderful cooking.

Anything Else:

My other project The KVB, have just released an album called 'Always Then' which is out now on Clan Destine Records. (thekvb.bandcamp.com)

Promo Info:

Debut album 'At Breath's End' is out now on LebensStrasse Records. You can visit Die Jungen by clicking here.