About: This is always hard but we're essentially an indie/rock band who use a lot of electronics. We have no drummer so use a lot of programming and synths etc as well as live electronics when we play shows. Actually Toby is now going to be drumming on a few of the songs so that makes the description even harder. 

Listening: I'm trying to wean myself off the LA beat scene as that's pretty much all I listened to over the summer. So many exciting producers out there - SamiYam, Teebs, Death Grips, Thundercat, Tokimonsta and of course, Flying Lotus who has to be one of the most talented around. Other than that really enjoyed Memotone's ep and the last Bon Iver record.

Reading: Halfway through Don De Lillo's Underworld, thought it was about time I took it off the shelf, really glad I did.

Watching: I just finished the Treme series on HBO and have started Boardwalk Empire. HBO makes me want to be American. Films: re-watched A Prophet the other day, surely one of the best films ever made. Also saw Audriard's first, The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Peter Mullen's Neds and Canet's Tell No One. Tobes and I started Submarine and turned it off.

Listening: Bibio, Zomby, Alunageorge, Nico Jaar, Nosaj Thing, Fantastic Mr Fox, Death Grips, Amstam, Young Montana? and Dorian Concept.

Promo: New EP A-B is out now on Wild Game Records. www.duologuemusic.co.uk