I (Thom Hill) started writing these songs about a year ago on my own after I rinsed my student loan on some recording equipment. It was while studying that I met Linda Jarvis and we bonded over black coffee, Animal Collective and liquorice rizla. Then I found out she had an awesome singing voice so we recorded some songs together. After we put some songs online we started to get offered some great gigs so we formed into a five-piece band with my oldest friends Kier Finnegan (guitar), Steve Green (Bass) and Pete Hayes (drums). On record we try to make pop music with layers of ambience. But as a live band I like to think it’s a different experience, I don’t want the music to sound the same as it does on record. Listening to: I get to listen to a lot of music at work because I work most days solo in a wine store. Right this minute I’m listening to Real Estate, which I think was last year’s best album. After that I think I’m going to listen to The Zombies and then at rush hour I’ll put on something like Boris to keep the customers moving quickly. Steve’s digging a lot of ‘old timey music’, Kiers digging that Twin Shadow record and Pete’s loving How to Dress Well. Linda only listens to the instrumental tracks I send her that she has to dream up vocals for. She doesn’t get a chance to listen to any real music. Reading: I just started a biography on the Velvet Underground, which I’m not far into but before that I just finished Patti Smiths Kids. My girlfriend told me it was one of the most beautiful books she had ever read and it really was. It’s so well written, it’s like Patti is in the room reading it to you. She had a fascinating life and recalls her memories with Robert Mapplethorpe incredibly well. It’s also one of the saddest things I’ve ever read, you know how it’s going to end but you still don’t want it to. Alternative music needs more artists of her integrity these days. Watching: Kier got Steve and Pete into ‘The Wire’ and they are trying to get me into it too. At the same time Steve is trying to get me into Deadwood while I’m trying to get Linda into Seinfeld. Linda’s trying to get me into Dexter, I’m trying to get Pete into The Trip but he’s trying to get everyone else into Mad Men. But we all just really love Adventure Time. Playing: Linda’s been playing Zelda Spirit Tracks on her DS. My girlfriend just brought me a guitarlele. Like a uke but with six strings. It’s awesome and mostly what I play on at the moment. Eating: Every Thursday is Pasta Thursday. It’s become a tradition and sometimes a bit of a drag. Even if I don’t want pasta we gotta stick to the rules. Last week it was pesto and pine nuts but this week I think it will be a special one as the whole bands going to be together. Practice, then pasta. Linda and my girlfriend are vegetarian so they will probably team up for a veggie classic. Anything Else: Make sure you go to the Primavera festival in Barcelona this year. We go every year and it’s the best festival experience I have ever had. A group of us go and book an apartment for the week. You don’t camp on the festival site so it’s really nice to catch the first Metro back to wherever you’re staying in the morning. Sleep, wake up, buy fresh food, eat, relax on the beach and then head to the festival site for about 5pm when the bands start. Do the same thing the next day. The line-up is always amazing and this year is no different. Hopefully we might get a chance to play one year. Promo Info: Our debut EP Young Silence is out now through No Pain In Pop. We have taken a couple of months off playing live to work on new material and a new live set and are starting to play shows again in February. We have a release party for our EP on February 19th at the Old Blue Last in London.