I'm Asa. I'm a Virgo. I'm from Berkeley Ca. It definitely shaped who I am. I met Matthew-who's from Virginia-when I moved to L.A. about 6 years ago. He's the best dude ever and a really good musician so I asked him to play on some of the stuff I was writing at the time. He's plays every instrument that I can't, which is a lot.

Listening to:

Right now I'm listening to a Donovan album called "Fairytale". I'm also quite into this Ted Hawkins album called "Watch Your Step". I also just bought that new Tyga album "Careless World". I liked the single a lot.


I'm reading The Hunger Games and this Kafka book called "The Castle". I keep switching because the Kafka book keeps bumming me out.


I don't watch tv. I don't have one actually and I haven't seen a movie in while.


Settlers of Catan is what I want to be playing but I haven't bought it yet. I want to get it so the band can play it on tour.


Super poorly is how I'm eating. Just hella meat and gnarly stuff. One can't be picky on tour.

Make a list of your fav things about being on earth?

Damn, so much that's hard. Mostly the people I guess. I'm fond of so many.

What's in your head right now?

A Donovan song called "Turquoise".

If you could teach any class what would it be?

Probably a music class for kids. My mom is trying to start a school and I hope to teach there one day.

What did you dream of last night?

Probably some foul thing. I've been having bad dreams of late.

Who are your favourite people?

My family.

Describe your favourite outfit:

I'm horrible when it comes to dressing well. I don't have much fashion sense and part of me doesn't care to.

What was your favourite thing to do when you were young?

Play outdoors. There was a school up the street from my house and I would run around until it was too dark to see and then walk home. That was fun.

Promo Info:

'Mondo' the debut album is out on Because Music in the UK on May 14th. 'This Head I Hold' is out now.

  • UK dates:
  • 14/05 - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen - London
  • 15/05 - Deaf Institute - Manchester
  • 16/05 - King Tuts - Glasgow
  • 17/05 - Sound City - Liverpool