ERAAS is the songwriting duo of Robert Toher and Austin Stawiarz. Both formerly of the New England-based project APSE and based in Brooklyn. Live we perform as a 4-piece.

Listening to:

HTRK, Burial, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, BEAK>, Cocteau Twins, Tropic Of Cancer, Arvo Pärt


Paul's Boutique 33 1/3 Series by Dan Leroy. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Chögyam Trungpa.


Been into Enter The Void by Gaspar Noé (2009). Friends of mine seem to write it off. Maybe they've heard too much of the acclaim it's garnered so they're naturally predisposed to it. Or they think the script leaves something to be desired, the screenplay is tedious etc.

I don't have the patience to finish many films or most books I start, but I loved it. For me it's not about the script or the story - it's the atmosphere. Dark ambient Tokyo Nightlife / DMT trips through the perspective of someone whom also is carrying with him profoundly beautiful events from his childhood, that range from tragic to bittersweet.

Some of the Tokyo nightclub scenes feature Christian Vogel pieces, namely his 1996 track "Cancion Sintecta" - but with a lot of the treble and hi-mids pulled down - which lend those parts a specific vibe that I feel like many have experienced but has rarely been translated in film and even still, is difficult to describe. Like a standard 130 bpm club track pitched down to 118, muffled in the high end, almost sounding like one is hearing it underwater or it's coming from another room. That vibe mixed with the ethereal DMT scenes and the ubiquitous neon glow of Tokyo nightlife pulls me into a dark, eerie and unsettling place that's mysterious and engaging all the same. If I were to recommend it to someone, it would be for the atmosphere, to watch it for that.


We're playing a lot with records. Looping them, pitching them, adding effects, trying to get percussion in a chicago house record to sound like an ERAAS beat. It's been so much fun for us getting into that. I feel like people think record and second hand shops in ny are too picked-over but I've found it to be just the opposite. You just have to dig and dig often and you'll find exciting things. No telling where it all will go, but we're using a lot of what we're finding and creating with it as sources for a new record. Whether a sample makes it into a final cut or not matters less to us than where it takes us in the process. Finding a start to something in a place that we wouldn't naturally seek out or fall back on is exciting. Puts you in a totally different place when you begin a song with something that comes from somewhere completely alien to you, your creative process and the things you usually gravitate toward or fall back on. We love it.

Anything ERAAS-related we should know?

Our debut album comes out October 2nd on a new label called felte. It'll be out on vinyl, cd and digital. We're playing at the Knitting Factory with Django Django on October 4. It's basically our album release show. Then we're doing two shows in November with Dignan Porch (Captured Tracks) - November 10th at the Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn and the 11th at a place called Cafe 9 up in New Haven, CT. Presently sorting out U.S. and european tours for early next year.

You can visit ERAAS at their Facebook or Bandcamp.

Debut album ERAAS is out now on Felte (buy it here)

  • U.S. Tour Dates
  • 10/17 CMJ Festival @ Cameo Gallery (Function Operate Showcase) @ Midnight
  • 10/24 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s *
  • 10/25 Williamsburg, VA @ The Crust *
  • 10/27 Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR *
  • 10/28 Pittsburgh, PA @ Brillobox *
  • 10/29 Washington, DC @ Black Cat *
  • 11/10 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine ~
  • 11/11 Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo Gallery ~^
  • 12/05 New York, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg *#

  • * w/ Bear in Heaven
  • ~ w/ Dignon Porch
  • ^ w/ The Young