Hello, my name's Chris Lee-Marr and I play music under the guise of 'esperi', I'm here to tell you about the stuff I like to listen to, read, watch, eat and play. Hope you enjoy my picks ! Listening to: Loads, I'm almost always listening to music, some of my favourite just now though is by Jonsi (love the album and one of the best if not the best live show I've ever been to), S.Carey (amazing new record from this guy), Owen (all time music hero), Bon Iver (amazing record and is becoming quite an icon I think), Bjork (ah, everyone loves Bjork), Mice Parade(lovely rhythms and one of my fave bands), Mum (great mix of acoustic and electronic sounds, just awesome), Joanna Newsom (such a talent and great recordings especially YS), Andy Mckee (an incredible instrumental guitarist and I'm playing a show with him soon) a whole bunch of other stuff but you get the drift... Reading: Sci-Fi fan an adore SF and fantasy novels, my favourite authors are Robert Silverberg, Arthur C Clark, Isaac Asimov, Iain M Banks, Robert Jordan and a few others, when I like someone's work whether they are a writer, musician, film-maker etc I tend to saturate myself in their art and devour everything they've made then move on to the next writer, musician, film-maker etc, and there's just so much out there, so I'm still working away through these guys books at the moment. Watching: I don't really watch much on television, a bit but anything I'm interested in I'll source it online or on DVD. I love comedy like Arrested Development, Family Guy, South Park, Father Ted and also a big fan of films and documentaries. Star Wars of course, Lost in Translation, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Science of Sleep, Adaptation, Spinal Tap, David Attenbourgh's programs... Playing: Playing for me, when it's not music, is with my dogs at the beach or mountain biking, hiking, swimming. I'm not much of a gamer but if I'm with friends then any multi player video game is fun, I'm also getting into sewing and knitting and there is esperi knit wear on the way! Eating: Well its winter and I've been making homemade soup. I was at a really good Thai restaurant recently and I might start making more stir-fries and curries at home... I eat a vegan diet. Anything else: I'd like to learn more about sound and can't wait to get touring and I'm actually pretty keen to get started with my new material even though the first album's not even out yet, but I guess I better hold my horses! Promo stuff: I've got a new single out called 'Made For Life/Snowman' and a debut album due out this year, plus lots touring coming up - yay! There's a few wee freebie downloads and videos etc kicking about too. You can visit Esperi by heading to http://www.myspace.com/esperi