Living in London, working part-time painting peoples houses. I am 26, I write music and I play in a band called exlovers.

Listening To:

Phillip Glass, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, The Cocteau Twins and Jeff Buckley.


M.C Escher the graphic work. I've just been staring at his work for hours most days until I feel a bit sick and have to stop.


Take Shelter was the last film I saw at the cinema, I thought it was incredible. I watched the first episode of Black Mirror last night on BBC iPlayer and found it pretty funny. Other than that I've been watching lots of football and cheering Tottenham on, I really love the way they play.


No shows at the moment, we're working on getting the album out. Check our facebook page for information on upcoming shows.


Very little, lost my appetite recently and having to force feed myself so that I won't die.

Promo Info:

New single 'This Love Will Lead You On' is out soon. Header image by Anna Bo.