We formed in London about 6 years ago after Simon (the singer) moved there from Sweden. After a 2 year period we accumulated the right members and got rid of some too. We're all wildly different from one another in terms of, well, pretty much everything, but the years have created a special kind of unity. We buzz with creativity as a unit and disagree almost constantly. 


Listening to: 

We formed over a love of Neutral Milk Hotel, Sufjan Stevens, Belle and Sebastian and Olivia Tremor Control which spawned our first album. Our tastes have individually evolved dramatically and we converge somewhere between Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads, Suicide, NEU, Steve Reich, The Knife. There's some interesting recent bands around too like Planningtorock and John Maus. We're all die hard fans of Radiolab which is science based podcast on NPR (nation public radio) in the USA. We have tickets to go and see them in Salt Lake City soon.



We are all big readers -a lot of science and philosophy and anthropological stuff. Cathy is currently reading an Alain De Botton book about travel and Justin is reading the Ender series by Orson Scott Card. Amos has love for old fables and stuff. Borges and Bulgakov influence us with their surrealism.



We just discovered a really great website called Ubuweb that has this amazing interview with Genesis P.Orridge from Throbbing Gristle. She/he is an amazing artist. Thruetheory.com has a ton of great documentaries about all sorts of stuff. Justin is really into American sports. Come baseball season he's pretty involved in watching games. I think were all pretty big Twin Peaks fans. 



Our new record's out soon. We must save our voices so as to deliver that to our full potential. 



Simon and Amos are pretty hardcore vegetarians. Cathy used to be but she turned a couple of years ago and is now the worst kind of carnivore. Her mother is French so she likes it raw. Good food is pretty important to all of us and we all tend to be quite political when it comes to shopping. Locally sourced when possible. Touring is tough, especially if you like to cook. Justin openly hates cooking, he thinks it's a waste of time.


Fanfarlo's second album, Rooms Filled With Light, is released on February 27th.