Ahead of the release of their debut album, Speakeasy, we caught up with Freeze The Atlantic to put them through their 'Artist Picks' paces. Find out what they're listening to, what they like to eat, and the things that annoy them (unnecessary comparisons it seems).

T = Tom Stevens (Guitar) C = Chris J Knott (Vocals) S = Sean Shreeve (Bass)


  • T - Silversun Pickups, Fiona Apple, Say Anything, Regina Spektor, Bon Iver, Elliott Smith
  • C - Oceansize (always), Karnivool, Tellison, and on repeat, a hybrid of 2 great bands called "PHILHARMONGREL", their new song 'Sitting pretty are ugly things' check it out! Seriously cool
  • S - Future of the left, Mastodon, Thrice, plus listening to Hell is for Heroes first album again!


  • T- This interview
  • C- American Psycho
  • S - Rules of Attraction - Bret Easton Ellis


  • T - Modern Family, Cardinal Burns
  • C- Dexter (I'm not some sort of mental serial killer as the last two answers suggest though! Honest)
  • S- BASEketball


  • T – Guitar
  • C - Guitar
  • S - Lollypop Chainsaw on Xbox


  • T – Apples
  • C - Right now, some God awful sandwich from a well known High St. bakers. Bluurgh!
  • S - A homemade squash and goats cheese pie, it's pretty good!

Promo Info:

Debut album 'Speakeasy' released 17.09.12 through Alcopop! Records. 

'Speakeasy' cover-mount free album. Album launch headline show Upstairs At The Garage: 14.09.12 w/ Jumping Ships, Radio Alcatraz & Katie Malco (ticket info). www.freezetheatlantic.co.uk.


Make a list of your fav things about being on earth?

  • T - My wife, family, music, friends, good food, sunny days, colours, great bands, love, my cats Elvis & Ramone, hope
  • C- Natalie, Music, Friends, Challenges and Joy
  • S - My girlfriend, computer games, salted popcorn, going to Ikkyusan in Chinatown, F1, my soft toy dodo.

What's in your head right now?

  • T - Is it going to rain constantly for 2000 Trees festival this weekend?
  • C- 2000 Trees is going to be ace this weekend
  • S - Packing for 2000 Trees festival and practising FTA songs

What 5 things define you?

  • T - Family, music, pride, ambition, strength of character
  • C- Determination, ambition, hope, relationships, music
  • S - Silly, professional, bassy, geeky, a female sheep

What 5 things bother you?

  • T - Rude people, people who say they're gonna do something but then don't, annoying adverts, maths, insincerity
  • C- Rudeness, let downs, unnecessary comparisons, flares and cauliflower
  • S - JLS stood next to the Go Compare guy

If you could teach any class what would it be?

  • T - How to not be an idiot
  • C- I would assist Tom with his ‘How not to be an idiot’ I think... Good class that
  • S - How to arm lobsters with guns and knives while appreciating Alternative music of the late 9

What did you dream of last night?

  • T - No idea
  • C- I think I dreamt I got a new flat... and had something stuck in my tooth!? What does that mean?
  • S - Genie?

What is your favourite thing to eat?

  • T - Spaghetti Bolognese
  • C- Phad Kee Mao
  • S - Probably something from Ikkyusan. Most Asian cuisine, bar the really fishy/meaty stuff

Who are your favourite people?

  • T - People who are genuinely cool
  • C- Music lovers are my favourite people... and the entire Liverpool squad
  • S - Cyber-mormons?

Describe your favourite outfit?

  • T - Black trousers & a polo shirt - simple
  • C- A black morning suit with stripe trousers, a neckerchief, waistcoat, cravat, pocket watch, monocle and hipflask... but if not, just some jeans and a Fred Perry tee
  • S - Jeans and T-shirt - I need some awesome red trainers, haven't found any yet that weren't going for some extortionate price

What was your favourite thing to do when you were young?

  • T - Play tennis/the guitar.... & ride my friends Great Dane like a horse down the stairs....
  • C- Slide around on slippery floors probably.... or football, that was good too
  • S - Break things. I was an expensive child

What five things would you like to try in your lifetime?

  • T - Parachuting/Skydiving (but would probably freak out), snowboarding, playing a game of tennis on a decent grass court, visiting all the coolest states in America, properly learning a foreign language
  • C- Base jump, bungee jump off that crazy high bridge in South Africa, do a wildlife programme with Sir David Attenborough
  • S - Motor Racing, Rally, Acting, Learning piano and drums to grade 8 level, a Root beer float