Grass House

About me:

Good time enthusiasts, 3 parts Yorkshire, 1 part Midlands.

Listening to:

Steven: I was recently introduced to Greg Ashley who was the singer in The Gris Gris, he has these solo records that are kind of a weird pyshe-folk. I'd recommend Medicine Fuck Dream as a place to start, it feels kinda real and spare of the moment and honest. Other than that ' listen to a lot of Joe Meek stuff, The Blue Rhondo's - Little Baby is absolutely brilliant, I can't really believe anyone could dislike it. In fact, I always look out for his house when I'm on Holloway Road, unfortunately nothing remains of his legacy, except one of those plaques. It's quite sad to see the place boarded up and I can't imagine the arts council turning it into a museum anytime soon.


Liam: I like to make sure I always have lots of different poetry on the go at once, it's always good for triggering thoughts and altering moods. A few of the current crop that I keep returning to are:

Osip Mandelstam, a Russian poet whose life changed when he wrote an epigram to Stalin, which he performed in front of a few close friends. One of them reported him and he then was imprisoned, exiled and mentally tortured over many years, eventually dying while been taken to a labour camp in Siberia.

Adrienne Rich, I picked up 'The Dream of A Common Language' from a book shop last November and in particular the poem 'Origins and History of Consciousness' really rang a chord with me, her language, themes and occasionally bleak but honest optimism of change are incredibly inspiring.

Other poets that I won't go into detail on but whom I have read a lot of recently are: Paul Celan, Frances Horovitz, Gunter Grass & Tadeusz Rozewicz. So far as novels go, I recently read the really wonderful 'Bedlam' by Jennifer Higgie which documents the journey, which the artist, Richard Dadd took which led to him going insane and murdering his father.


Nick: At the moment I'm trying to work my way through Berlin Alexanderplatz by Fassbinder, which is a bit of a challenge as it's 15 hours worth of film. But well worth it as I love his films. I watched Code Unknown by Haneke the other day, so amazing, one of the opening shots was about 15 minutes of continuous shooting which reminded me of the opening to Orson Wells' Touch of Evil. Liam lent me Chung King Express by Wong Kar Wai a couple of months ago and despite the fact he found out about it via an amazon listomania it was pretty special, especially a chinese version of Dreams by The Cranberries, so i watched In the Mood For Love and was even more impressed. I really like the Dardenne brothers so I'm going to hunt down The Kid with a Bike.


The fool.

Promo Info /Anything else?:

We have our single 'The Boredom Rose' out Sept 10th, to celebrate we have our single launch party at Madame Jo Jo's the day after on the 11th. As far as the future goes we are recording our debut record towards the end of September which is really exciting, hopefully releasing it early next year, once we've found it a good home.

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