I live in Oslo and my thirtieth birthday is coming up. I can’t remember ever being bored. I’ve always found life slightly overwhelming, so I’ve been writing throughout my life to sort everything out, short stories, poems and eventually I started writing songs. Music is the most powerful form of expression I've ever encountered. Getting on stage is frightening and magical. Most of the time I can’t really believe that it’s what I do, but it is. To be able to move someone with music is such a great feeling I can’t really describe it. I've constantly been curious about storytelling, about the magic of singing, musicians creating universes together. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being mesmerized by artists and their different expressions.   Listening to: I have had a serious hang up on the Solo Piano album from Gonzales in the past very dark months of Norwegian winter. I find that album to be absolute perfection in its simple, but sophisticated melodic genius. Swedish favourites Wildbirds and Peacedrums have given me the biggest live experiences over the past two years, and I absolutely adore Frida Hyvönen. Apart from that I’m the kind of girl that plays for example ‘Thunder Road’ by Springsteen or ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Elton John or some other classic track too loud on the stereo when I'm at an after party. There are thousands of perfectly good reasons to be sentimental in this world.   Reading: The past two months nearly everything has been about the Second World War, I always go into that stuff before Christmas, don’t know why. Among other things a biography about Eva Braun and Anthony Beevers “Berlin”, both good reads. Now I’m reading Watchmen again, love it. There is a heap of books waiting on my nightstand, Christmas presents. Don’t know if I’ll ever read them all. Watching Pacific, Mad Men, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, a lot of series’. Japanese anime. Occasionally the news.   Eating:I am a big food lover! I could eat almost anything. Oslo has a lot of good places, gourmet if you want unforgettable experiences, or cheap Thai or Pakistani food that’s also great. I love to cook, especially slow Norwegian or slow Italian. Soups, sushi, pastas, lasagnas, pies, cooking calms me down. Just realized I actually haven’t eaten yet today. The last thing I had yesterday was a dessert at a late dinner, actually made up of chocolate, ginger and carrots. It was kind of weird.   Anything Else: Please check my music out!