'Blues, Swamp and Soul' man Jamie N Commons talks to us about his life, which includes information on his 'Ham Sandwich & Vitamin Tablet' diet, his love of movies, blind artists and what he's been reading recently. We're also premiering his new single, 'Devil In Me', which you can hear right below these tour dates:

  • 27/02 - Playroom, The Arches, Glasgow
  • 28/02 - Scared Trinity Church, Manchester
  • 01/03 - Hoxton Hall, London – SOLD OUT
  • 02/03 – Prince Albert, Brighton
  • 20/04 - Motel Mozaique at De Gouvernestraat, Rotterdam
  • 21/04- Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
  • 5/05 - Live at Leeds, Leeds 


Born in Bristol, moved over and grew up in Chicago, then moved back to the UK to finish my learnings. I play Blues, Swamp, and Soul.

Listening To:

Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie Johnson, Ray Charles...decided to only listen to blind artists this month. I like putting brackets on my listening habits...affects your song writing style month to month.


Just finished the new Sherlock Holmes book by Anthony Horowitz, 'The House of Silk' - never thought I’d say it..but really really good! Big Kurt Vonnegut fan as well so they’re always getting revisited...my favourite’s 'Breakfast of Champions'.


New series of Californication has just started which I’m very excited about. I watch a lot of films as well, very good for song writing ideas. Current top 5 (in no particular order): Sunset Boulevard, True Grit, No Country For Old Men, Streetcar Named Desire, Rear Window (actually anything with James Stewart in really... don’t make them like that anymore, man’s a genius.)


Shows in the UK and Europe at the moment, almost sold out our tour starting 27th of February, but there’s a few left I think if your quick! Been trying to learn some fiddly John Martyn finger picking guitar licks recently as well... getting pretty frustrated to be honest.. mans got some serious skills... also little licks and stuff from the Stephen Stills song 'Black Queen'.


Unless someone’s nice enough to cook for me a strict diet of ham sandwiches and vitamin tablets I’m afraid.

Anything Else:

"The noblest of all dogs is the hot-dog; it feeds the hand that bites it."

Promo Info:

New Single 'Devil In Me' out early March on LuvLuvLuv and V2/Coop.