Fresh from the release of his debut single, 'Blinding Light' on Tough Love Records, we caught up with Liverpool multi-instrumentalist Jethro Fox to find out what makes him tick. We get an insight into his current favourite pastimes and his current likes and dislikes.

About me

I'm Jethro Fox, from Liverpool. I put my first song out late last year, after my friend Tarek suggested I take my demos to his studio. My new single 'Blinding Light' is out now on Tough Love Records.

Listening to

Recently it's been St Vincent - 'Cheerleader', Mikhael Paskalev - 'Jive Babe', Smashing Pumpkins - 'Stand Inside Your Love', Grizzly Bear - 'Yet Again', and Spring King - 'Lets Ride'. I also can't get enough of the Villagers album 'Becoming A Jackal'. It's very unique I think - I can't wait for the new record.


I've just finished reading the autobiography 'Life' written by Keith Richards. It's unbelievable. Aside from all the debauchery, there's also an amazing passion for music and playing which comes through; it's really inspiring.


'Escape From LA' with Kurt Russell. I can't describe how mental this film is. The surfing scene alone certifies this movie as a masterpiece. I also saw 'Frantic' for the first time the other day, a Harrison Ford thriller directed by Roman Polanski - I'd recommend it. It's set in the Parisian underworld in the 80's, so naturally it has this really stylish quality which is cool.


There is a bit of a table tennis craze starting in Liverpool city centre. I haven't made my seminal debut....yet. There has been a lot of smack talk though.


A lot of unhealthy stuff. My bandmates constantly berate me for my cooking skills so I'm actively trying to learn some cool recipes! One of my mates just put me onto Steve Albini's cooking blog, to give me a bit of inspiration. Besides being a hugely influential producer, he's also a bit of a master chef, which I previously had no idea about.

Anything Else?

I've just released my new single on Tough Love Records, called 'Blinding Light', both digitally and on 7". I'm also playing the Single Launch Party on the 13th September and will be announcing further shows soon which I'm really excited about!