JoyLand are a London based indie-pop trio with na inclination for online blackjack and wildlife documentary. The band's single 'Bella the Butcher' is out on CRC Records on November 19th.

About Me:

Boban Tran, from Tyrella, N. Ireland. Singer and guitarist in JoyLand.

Listening To:

Sinead Oʼconner - ʻThe Lion and the Cobraʼ (really very good). ʻTroyʼ is the tour de force of song writing.


Carlos Ruiz Zafonʼs ʻShadow of the Windʼ (again). Incredible piece of writing. Fermin Romero de Torres is my all time fictional hero. The wittiest man on font.


Any wildlife documentary. Also really enjoyed the scandinavian crime series ʻThe Bridgeʼ.


My Hofners. I am obsessed with them. Just cant say no. Nothing sounds better than a open E on a 1963 Galaxie Hofner.

Favourite Things About Being On Earth:

See above; living on the coast; wildlife; wine and allowing myself time to enjoy it.

What's In Your Head Right Now


Stick or twist? Playing online blackjack while writing this, and its not good. Iʼm gonna invoice you for twenty quid so far 405!

What 5 Things Define You:

Writing; Producing; Mixing; Promoting; Selling (in that order).

What 5 Things Bother You:

City bankers; people who say 110%; drunk city bankers; music and bad music promoters.

What Did You Dream Of Last Night:

Pretty x-rated so best not to go into too much detail.

What Is Your Favourite Thing To Eat:

Any sea food or me maʼs pheasant and guinness stew.

Who Are Your Favourite People:

Anyone that makes me smile.

Describe Your Favourite Outfit:

A well fitted low cut black dress, with matching under ware with a nice pair of fancy heels.

What Was Your Favourite Thing To Do When You Were Young?

Masturbation with out the guilt.

What 5 Things Would You Like To Try In Your Lifetime:

To save more than £5 a week; to not have a mobile phone; to travel the equator; to speak fluent french and to go on total wipeout (you cannot beat those big red balls).