About Us: I'm a Dickensian pop dandy which makes me a faintly ridiculous character. I offend and charm in equal measure and I have been described as having a marmite personality. Peccadillos aside, I adore performance art and I have a passion for music that burns more brightly than a thousand suns. I'm also prone to making exaggerated statements.

Listening to: There’s a band called Look, Stranger! who we’ve played with recently, they’re kind of a combination between Wild Beasts and Foals. And I have been listening to Patrick Wolf's Lycanthropy pretty much continuously since 2003.

Reading: This month I have been reading Wilde, Waugh and Wilberforce. Basically, any author whose surname begins with the letter 'w'. Next month I'm going to tackle the letter 'x' which, for obvious reasons, shouldn't be too difficult. How many authors can you name beginning with the letter 'x'? Offhand, I can only think of a couple of Greek philosophers.

Watching: I like standing atop Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath, fresh salmon bagel in hand, and watching London. I've banned television in my household; it corrodes the mind. Although, if I'm honest, the real reason I don't have a television, is because i can't afford a tv license. Having said that, I did make a rare excursion to the pictures recently to see 'Tyrannosaur'. It was sensational.

Playing: Playing pooh sticks on London bridge. Oh, did you mean what musical instrument do I play? A fender telecaster. Obviously. 

Eating: Olives but only the green variety. Black olives are only fit for garnishing pizzas.

Promo: We’re in the process of talking more closely with labels and live agents and that kind of thing; we want the right kind of launching pad to project us into the public consciousness. Let's just hope that we enjoy the journey because the destination is always so very disappointing.

You can hear and see more of the band here