We're a 5 piece from London, we write lots of songs about all kinds of things including stuff like meaningless dreams, awkward situations, sunshine buddies and brie. We also work for a living (Mark works at Guildhall school of music, Bob works for a charity, Martin is a phlebotomist, Olly is a picture researcher and Charlie is a recording engineer and music producer). Together we curate and run a festival (www.inthewoodsfestival.co.uk). We also eat, drink, sometimes sleep ..... that kind of stuff.

Listening to:

  • Charlie - Alt-J
  • Bob - Norse Horse
  • Olly - Willis Earl Beal
  • Mark - Django Django
  • Martin - Coconut Records - "Going back to the west coast"

Generally listening to Dogbite, Jonti, a Norwegian folk act called The White Album, Way Yes, Peter and Kerry, Dogtanion, AU, Grimes, Jagwar Ma, Kwes, Raisa K, Tommy Tempa, Stealing Sheep.. the list goes on. We’ve listened to loads of new music lately, looking for bands to book for our festival, the good stuff is hard to find but boy is it worth it when you do.


  • Martin - The Prince - by Niccolo Machiavelli
  • Mark - Lewis Carroll
  • Olly - Drown by Junot Diaz
  • Charlie - The psychology of Hearing by Brian Moore
  • Bob - The People Re-loaded: The Green movement and the struggle for Iran’s future (various authors) which is interviews with various people involved in the demonstrations against Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009. That was in some ways the first Arab Spring, but the protests were crushed by the regime. I’ve also begun reading As used on the famous Nelson Mandela by the comedian/ activist Mark Thomas, which is a really interesting and funny look at the global arms trade and how messed up and corrupt it is.


  • Martin - 'Anonymous' - the Shakespeare Mystery
  • Mark - This is spinal tap (again)
  • Olly - BBC Documentary on swarm intelligence 'One Million heads One Beautiful Mind'.
  • Charlie - Cricket
  • Bob - 'Come and See', a film about the holocaust in Russia which was made in 1985. Some of lighting in the shots is really beautiful, like a painting, but it’s a pretty dark film. Possibly one of the best foreign films I’ve ever seen though. Make sure you watch it in Russian with subtitles because the dubbed version makes it look like a kind of piss take.


  • Bob - Hold the button
  • Olly - The cocktail game
  • Mark - Micro Machines (Sega Megadrive version)
  • Martin - Roman Emperors
  • Charlie - Cricket


  • Olly - Tayyabs - curry place in Whitechapel highstreet. Amazing.
  • Charlie - Tapas
  • Martin - American buffet place called "Golden Corral"-one of the best places ever eaten.
  • Mark - Spag Bol
  • Bob - Last week I tried to cook this Vietnamese beef stew but I couldn’t read what was what in the local Vietnamese supermarket, so it ended up a bit more Thai. I asked the shop keeper if they had Anatto and they thought I was asking for tomato, so I spent about an hour in the supermarket trying to work out what was what. I don’t eat out much but every now and again it’s good to cook something at home.

Promo info:

Currently got a single you can download for free here. A tour and residency in March/April and our debut album coming out in May.

  • Thurs 22nd March, Manchester, Trof Fallowfield w/ Montage Populaire
  • Fri 23rd March, Sheffield, Bungalow & Bears w/ Montage Populaire
  • Sat 24th March, Reading, Oakford Social Club w/ Montage Populaire
  • Tues 27th March, London Electricity Showrooms (Residency) w/ Peter and Kerry + Jon Hillcock (DJ Set)
  • Tues 3rd April, London, Electricity Showrooms (Residency) w/ My Panda Shall Fly + Nightwave (DJ Set)
  • Tues 10th April, London, Electricity Showrooms (Residency) w/ Beaty Heart + Kwes (DJ Set)