About Us: A band from New York with a ferocious love of the countryside, electric guitars, and westerns.

Listening to: Clams Casino, Friends, Ween, Bob Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks', Steely Dan's 'Gaucho', Dr John's 'Gris Gris'. Mike's dad just sent over some Kris Kristofferson too, he's a true poet, man.

Reading: Currently reading 'The Black Swan' by Nassim Taleb, Jean-Patrick Manchette's 'Fatale' and '3 to Kill', Georges Simenon's 'Tropic Moon'. Mike's just read 'Bright Lights Big City' by Jay McInerny and 'Mergers and Acquisitions' by Dana Vachon, both semi-coming-of-age stories for high-living Manhattanites. We live on that crazy island now, so they were important reads.

Watching: Crazy with the westerns. Went through the Sergio Leone catalogue and some of the other classics. It makes me (Mike) want a revolver, if just for show - something about revealing them from behind a trench coat just gets me - equally ridiculous and badass. Also watching Airport, Cool Hand Luke, Dirty Dozen, Hud, Kelly's Heroes, 1990's Law and Order, anything with Donald Sutherland, Paul Newman or Burt Lancaster.

Playing: Crossword puzzles? Is that playing? It feels like it. 

Eating: Elliot - Korean BBQ is delicious, I also enjoy the tamales that are sold by an adorable little woman on the street where I live in Bushwick (NY). Mike - In an ideal world it'd be seafood all the time - with the occasional rib eye if I've conquered something particularly huge that day. Ish - I am looking forward to having some vegetarian bbq at a restaurant owned by a Top Chef cook.

Promo: Their double a-side single 'Split For The Coast / The Town' is released via Young and Lost Club on December 12th.