Hi, we're Lief Hall and Quinne Rodgers of MYTHS. MYTHS is an electronic music/multi-media performance project we started after years of friendship and a shared interest in art, music, fashion, feminism and fantasy. This project is our attempt to bring all that we love together into a kind of pop music that is not really pop music, but plays with that form in an experimental and critical way. We have a pretty strong DIY mindset, from making all our own beats to creating entire environments for our live shows with costumes, visuals, sets, lights etc. Our first album was basically mixed on headphones, which I guess reveals how much we relish details.

In our time apart... Lief is an extended vocalist, performance and video artist and Quinne draws and dabbles.

Listening to:

  • L: Autechre, Animal Bodies, Grimes, Dirty Beaches, PlanningtoRock…lots lots more…
  • Q: I’m just in silence a lot, actually. It helps my mind wander.


  • L: Architecture and Utopia
  • Q: Just finished American Gods by Neill Gaiman.


  • L: Thousand hand guan yin dance videos on youtube!
  • Q: I'm finally watching Twin Peaks.


  • L: Dance Music!
  • Q: I was promised some Wii soon. Does that count

Make a list of your fav things about being on earth?

  • L: Oceans, mountains, trees, moss, bugs, birds, furry creatures, fresh air, fresh water, vegetables, fruit, friendship, love, art, music...
  • Q: Magic.


What's in your head right now?

  • L: Seashells.
  • Q: B.

What 5 things define you?

  • L: Ocean tides, lightning bolts, strobes, sparkles, electric kool-aid…
  • Q: Gravity, skin, muscles, physics and evolution.

What five things bother you?

  • L: Crimes against nature, like the tar sands…the exploitation of human rights…capitalism…romantic comedies…Uggs…
  • Q: Dishonesty. Selfishness. Conformity. Bigotry. And why did Mulder and Scully never have a camera?

If you could teach any class what would it be?

  • L: Choir!
  • Q: Oh god, I hate school. I would guest lecture at a conspiracy theory class though.

What did you dream of last night?

  • L: I am in a big house with some friends shooting a video. In the house there is a giant machine that gives birth to lightbulbs. When the light bulb is born is begins crying like a newborn baby. It is sad because it doesn’t know how to breathe. I shoot a video of the new born lightbulb as it falls from the machine and down through various tunnels through the house, until finally it splashes into a pool of other born and discarded lightbulbs. When I finish shooting the decent I feel very sad for the light bulb and have an urge to move it, to help it, but I know that I should not interrupt the natural cycle of its life.
  • Q: I’m sick right now so I was fever dreaming last night. I dreamt this Roland Emmerich style dream where a couple brings these protector ticks to a party, the ticks are huge, like 5 feet long by 3 feet wide. A woman at the party kidnaps the woman from the couple and ties her up behind the grill of a semi-truck. The tick came out to save her and there was an electrical storm that fused the woman and the tick together into a giant slime monster about 5 stories tall. It was sort of like The Thing (80’s version) with long whip-like tentacles coming out everywhere. It then tried to move around the city undetected but had a hard time of it.

What is your favourite thing to eat?

  • L: Brown Rice and steamed broccoli, grated beats, and almonds…this is my staple, although the ingredients change around some…I also like green tea and honey…ooh and sushi!
  • Q: Bring me pretty much any dessert. The chocolate-ier and sweeter, the better.

Who are your favourite people?

  • L: Meredith Monk, Matthew Barney, Mariko Mori, Laurie Anderson, my Mom and Dad, all my best friends and Quinne.
  • Q: The real/true/authentic, inspired and loving kind, I’m lucky to know quite a few of them. Including Lief.


Describe your favourite outfit

  • L: My shimmering silver, gemmed and pompomed royal genie ones-y! A hand me down from Laura Kikauka who is my idol! Laura used to wear it and added the pompoms herself! Wearing it makes me feel like I am made of liquid magic!
  • Q: For being on stage that would be the bodysuit I made that I covered with probably over 200 gems. They make the shape of a skull on my belly. I really wish I owned some original Alexander McQueen though. One dayyyyy.

What was your favourite thing to do when you were young?

  • L: Sticking my fingers in sea anemones on the seashore.
  • Q: My sisters and I would find hermit crabs with shells that were too small, and find a shell that looked the right size. We would stick them together in a glass filled with water and watch the little crab check the shell out, and then transfer its body into the new shell. Seashores are the best!

What five things would you like to try in your lifetime?

  • L: To see the Northern Lights; To make art that alters perception; To construct a paper tower that reaches heaven; To have my music launched into space as part of a time capsule that represents all humanity; To do a loop-de-loop dive off the diving board.
  • Q: I want to shoot a gun, punch someone in the face who deserves it, feel like I contributed to significant social change, hang out with some wild animals, and I want to see the Northern Lights too.

Promo Info:

We're working on a lot of stuff right now: a mixtape of remixes of songs from our debut album; music videos; and this June we will be doing a second run of our electronic opera 'The Golden Dawn'. Most exciting of all is we are currently in the process of working on new material.