Night Works started as a solo writing and studio project and is now very much a live entity. It rose from the ashes of my last band, Your Twenties, once everyone went their separate ways. Night Works music is probably a bit more reflective and allusive than music I’ve made previous. It fits me well at the moment.

Listening to: I’ve been listening to the Amateur Best record No Thrills recently. I love Joe Flory’s vocals and the songwriting is soulful and sounds like it was born of experience. As a sort of companion piece, I’ve been listening to the Blue Nile, Paul Buchanan has the most wonderful voice and they make gorgeous, impressionistic music.

Reading: I’ve just read Capital by John Lanchester, which is a fantastic novel about London at the time of the financial crash. It has multiple plots and viewpoints, which dovetail perfectly, and it’s funny and sad. I’ve just started re-reading Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London, the writing is just so perfect.

Watching: I’ve been watching loads of the West Wing recently. It’s preposterous but compulsive viewing. The idea that all these super-bright, contentious people run the world’s only superpower whilst wisecracking constantly. Aaron Sorkin = ludicrous.

Playing:I wouldn’t really consider myself a gamer, I missed that boat many years ago. I’ve been playing acoustic guitar a lot more these past days – after a couple of years making music by staring at a computer screen I feel like I have an overwhelming need to hold and touch real things that make sound with no need for electricity. I’m trying to find someone/somewhere with a piano I can use. Do get in touch if you know of anyone. Whenever I hear a piano on a track a get a pang that I should be playing one.

Eating:I go through phases of being absolutely obsessed with food and cooking, but at the moment I’m at the other end of the spectrum. I still want to eat great food, I just want to be cooked for! Owen from the Night Works band is the most fantastic cook and he’s recently gotten into making Chinese food – the real thing. I’m going to his place to eat later, can’t wait.

Night Works debut album Urban Heat Island was released via Loose Lips Records, along with single 'Long Forgotten Boy' on 4th March.

Forthcoming Live Dates:

  • 28 March – Fred Perry Subculture at The Garage, w/ King Krule, Rainy Milo
  • 5 April – Motel Mozaique Festival, Rotterdam