Little girl lost from Kansas moves to London, grows up and makes 5th album in LA for a change of scene… lives and breathes music day and night. When not songwriting in a little red book on an oblique London tube journey or cooped up in a windowless studio, I am probably watching dogs run around the park, baking something sweet, or cross-stitching a skull on a tea towel.  I possess 200+ pairs of shoes and have a vast collection of vintage dresses, it's a bit of a compulsion when I see a dress or shoes that speak to me I can't not buy them. I believe I was born in the wrong era and vintage clothes reflect who I am.

Listening to: I've started presenting a radio show for Radio Nowhere called The Doggone History of Country Music. I am really enjoying getting into the old stuff, western swing and singing cowboys like Roy Rogers. That quirky fusion of showtunes, jazz and country really floats my boat, especially when the lap steel was introduced to country to give it a sort of odd Hawaiian quality. I just love how floaty it is. I'm getting into Os Mutantes, loving the gritty 60's sound and I never tire of The Velvet Underground to me they are timeless and have an elegant approach to rock 'n' roll.

Reading: I'm actually in a book club and a little embarrassed to say what I'm reading but hey ho it wasn't my turn to choose the book…Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. What's more embarrassing is that I'm really enjoying this fantasy book for children. Ah well, it's a great escape, and it's kind of nice to read a book that is so far detached from reality. The next book might have to be Steven Adler's biography to balance it out though.

Watching: I love all things Tim Burton and in the lead up to Halloween there's some great Burton fodder there, from Sweeney Todd to Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; they all get me in the mood for my favourite day of the year! I also love a bit of Eastbound and Down, it's trashy but makes me laugh. AND the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is brilliant, that show just gets better each time I watch it. Oh and Disney films are on contestant rotation at my house, I'd love to be the voice of a Disney princess on day.

Playing: I play tennis and I'm really getting into it; it's great to get outdoors and hit a ball about, I also like wearing little white pleated skirts! But as evenings set in earlier I'm taking to the Wii for boxing (I love the cartoon boxing coach and his cockney accent). I am starting fencing lessons next month so look out world don't give me a sword! I'm scared to handle a weapon but it's good to face fears like that, that's why I signed up for it.

Eating: My favourite food is Mexican food, it's great for vegetarians (like moi).  A lot of Mexican places are cropping up here in London and that's great! But nothing beats my home-made enchiladas. I do a mean sauce. I like to bake things and usually have something fresh and home-made on the go. At the moment I have some walnut pumpkin bread that needs eating.  Mmm…

Promo Info: Piney Gir's fifth album Geronimo! was released on Monday the 24th of October with launch parties in London at The Shortwave Cinema on the 29th of October.