This week's Artist Picks Playlist is from Phantom's frontwoman and songwriter Hanna Toivonen. Before you dive in on her diverse playlist, check out the video for Phantom's latest track, 'Kisses':

Phantom Playlist

Atoms For Peace - 'Judge Jury and Executioner'

There's that something about Thom Yorke. That kind of honesty, brutality, sullen sweetness and don't-bother-weirdness that sometimes makes you a bit uncomfortable but still craving for more. In Amok I lose myself and love letting go.

The Cinematic Orchestra - 'To Build A Home'

This song is very close to me. To be listened with the video. No further explanations.

Beach House - 'Myth'

Gold Panda - 'You'

These two have been on repeat. With me and my friends. Love them both. Gold Panda's You is kind of legendary in Phantom standards as it's one of the songs that got us working together with Tommi.

Lykke Li -' Sadness is a Blessing' (Gold Panda remix)

Good song, good remix.

Macklemore - 'Otherside' feat. Fences

I've liked both Macklemore and Fences for some time. Found this co-op just recently. Goes deep. Love the message.

Flume - 'Holdin On'

Really like Flume's way with machinery and textures. There's something sexy about it.

Nosaj Thing - 'Try' feat. Toro y Moi

Nosaj Thing and Toro y Moi, yes please.

Big Scary - 'Falling Away'

Big Scary is an Australian band. It's one of the best ones I saw last year at SXSW. And this song was played a lot at our road trip from Austin to LA. I've somehow fallen for it. It has a sense of nostalgia to it now. It reminds me of a very good day in Austin. A long walk in the sun, awesome bands and good friends, beautiful night in a garden with a starry sky and candles in the trees, deep discussions, love, veggie mexican food and a cold IPA beer.

The Beatles - 'Blackbird'

I performed a version of this song many years ago in a small jazz concert. I had tears in my eyes.

Rachmaninoff - 'Prelude in C# minor'

My best friend - who I've known since we were both five - has been one of my main inspirations. We've played and sang together, made songs and grown together. She used to play the cello when I played the violin. Now, she's totally overdone me as a pianist. She has always learnt songs by ear and still can't quite read the notes well. She started taking lessons a couple of years ago. And this is what she plays to me right now.

Sibelius - 'Violin Concerto in D minor, part 1'

I started playing violin when I was five. This was what I wanted to play. I remember practicing this with a CD when I was about ten. I didn't have notes and I wasn't good enough reader of them anyway. I mastered it to the halfway mark or so in a couple of years. I remember the 4 minute peak, I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. And I composed my first song I ever wrote around that. I never managed to play the whole song. I started swimming competitively and it took time away from music for a couple of years and I quit playing violin.

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - 'In a Sentimental Mood'

I started singing when I was about fourteen. I was super shy about it and I could never practice if someone else was in the house. My sister encouraged me to take lessons and I got in for a classical training. The classical didn't inspire me enough at that time and all I wanted to sing was jazz and musicals. So we practiced with jazz songs. And I fell in love with them. I got into Sibelius Academy Jazz Youth Department when I was sixteen. This song was one of my first loved ones. And it still is.

Nat King Cole - 'Unforgettable'

When I was very little I absolutely loved Nat King Cole. I called him "Michael Jackson's dad" and insisted on playing him every Sunday during our family brunch.