Ahead of her show tonight at The Shacklewell Arms in London, which also features DJ sets from Ghostpoet and Kwes, we asked the incredible Tawiah to put together this week's Artist Picks playlist.

Check that out below, and head over to her official site to hear some of her music.


  • 1. Minnie Ripperton 'Les Fluer'
  • 2. Missy Elliot 'Work It'
  • 3. Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo - 'Nothing Even Matters'
  • 4. Gnarls Barkley - 'Crazy'
  • 5. Soul II Soul - 'Back To Life'

About You:

My name is Tawiah, I'm a south Londoner, a singer and I write songs.

Listening / Reading / Watching / Playing / Eating:

  • The new Rhye album - Woman
  • The Alchemist
  • Hunger Games (again)
  • With my bass
  • ANYTHING my mother cooks.

Make a list of your favourite things about being on earth?

Feeling love. Sharing. Laughing until you cry. Singing, writing, discovering, screaming at the top of my voice and rolling down a hill! Family.

What five things define you?

    "Not my hair" (big up India Arie) ... my locks!
  • My music
  • My allergy to peanuts
  • Organised chaos
  • My electric blanket

What five things bother you?

  • Slow internet connections
  • Liars
  • When people try sing along to songs but don't know the words!
  • Chewing in my ear… can't be dealing with all that clapping of the mouth
  • My front room door not being closed

What did you dream of last night?

This one is mental… I dreamt of a fog! A fog you say? Half fish half dog; imagine a dog with the head of a fish gasping for air, on the body of a dog! The dog had scales instead of fur. It was chasing me…

I actually had to text my friend about it when I woke up. It didn't catch me, thankfully.

What is your favourite thing to eat?

Pasta! I am secretly Italian.

Who are your favourite people?

My family and my sisterhood.

Describe your favourite outfit

Now this depends on the day! I'll say a brogue, a shirt, a high waisted trouser, and if my hair is in need of a re-twist, a hat!

What was your favourite thing to do when you were young?

Make up musicals in my kitchen... I played every character!

What five things would you like to try in your lifetime?

  • As many wonderful albums as I can get under my belt.
  • Be fluent in a least three different languages!
  • Have a farm
  • Do a back flip! So jealous of B-girls and boys
  • Crowd surf