I am a Norwegian electronic pop artist, living partly in Berlin and partly in my families old house by the ocean at the Norwegian west coast. Trained as a classical pianist, very happy to be making electronic music. Have had a wonderful time since I released my debut album CRUX, which was recorded in a Swedish forest. Currently recording my second album with my wonderful band. I want to develop the way of composing and performing electronic music, making it as live as possible, without backtracks and programmed beats, as I believe very much in the concept of humanity and free time in music.

Listening to:

Right now I am recording my next album and can almost not listen to any music at all when I come out from the studio. But if I do, it is PJ Harveys and Little Dragons latest albums.


Albert Camus - The Stranger. And Can't Stop Won't stop - A history of the hip hop generation by Jeff Chang.


This incredibly scary danish detective series, called The Bridge. I really cant watch that thriller stuff because I get so scared, but I do it now, maybe I am getting older and manage better.




Nowadays: Whatever enters my studio, except meat.