A half English, half Irish collective with an unhealthy obsession for sound and caffeine. Storytellers of wonders, losses and passions in a dense array of electronics, live instruments and vocal hooks. All the material is self-produced with parts being fired up and down the country via the net. These threads form clouds of powdery textures to float on.  

Listening to:

The list is endless; Mint Julep, Clams Casino and Ghost Poet to name a few. We love any music that transports you. 


Just finished reading ‘The Wave’ by Susan Casey. There’s a chapter in there about a beautiful Alaskan fjord called ‘Lituya Bay’. Some heavy stuff went down there in 1958, which inspired one of the tracks on our EP. Currently reading  ‘The Rest is Noise’ by Alex Ross, which is equally heavy and enthralling. 


Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Drive’ was pretty special. The sound track wasn’t too shabby either. TED talks. 


Always tampering with some heavy machinery. Aside from that, just finished putting together a quasi-improv, live-arrangement of a new track called ‘Terra Firma’. It’s well fun to play at the moment, so much so that we are all hugging our instruments by the end of it.  Feel free to join in on the instrument intimacy at one of our live shows. 


Jalapeno and red pepper humous is the ultimate accompaniment to any food item. Dunked a Kitkat into it the other day. Not something I’d recommend. 


Got a great team on board so far. The EP is out 5th March on Music Cuisine Records who are fully behind what we are all about. It’s coming out on limited edition 12” vinyl and digital download. We have 2 visual wizards on board in jodyclark.com and Paulhigham.com. A Badge of Friendship are really supportive and are doing a great job of getting us out there. Anyone with a sweatband and an affinity for Spandex is welcome in the gym club anytime. Sign up here: www.saturdaynightgymclub.com