We're Liam and Robin, born in the small grey City that is Coventry. We've known each other since the age of about 13/14. Growing up, our friendship groups were completely different and it wasn't until we were about 16 that we started to appreciate each others music. I once left a solo acoustic track lying around on the computer in the school studio; Robin found it and decided to do a remix of it. It wasn't too bad and so that was the seed planted for the future, I guess. Once we finished school we decided to start a music project together and Shelter Point was formed. Ever since, we've been living and studying in Nottingham and making music on the side.

Listening To:

Liam: I've recently discovered a new band called Duologue I heard on the radio a couple of weeks ago and then searched for some of their other tunes. They have a really fresh sound and I'm definitely looking forward to future releases from them. I also need to get my hands on Flying Lotus' new album.

Robin: I'm currently listening through the whole J Dilla catalogue again - it happens about once a year. Other than that I'm always enjoying anything from Swamp81, Warp and R&S Records.


Liam: I'm not a massive book reader and rarely pick up magazines, but I'm on the internet everyday, but who isn't? I'd have to say one of my favourite sites is Stumbleupon. I'm very easily amused and I could browse the humour section for hours. The route to all of my procrastination!

Robin: I'm a huge lurker on reddit.com; many hours lost on that website. Soundcloud will always be my first love though. Reading through Front magazine is a guilty pleasure.


Liam: Breaking Bad. This show just blows my mind... It has Bryan Cranston (The Dad from Malcolm in the Middle) as the lead character. Unfortunately, they split the last season in two halves, so now I'm waiting until next summer for the return. It finished with the biggest cliff hanger too! Typical.

Robin: Breaking Bad is always a shout, but I can't rate it higher than Dexter, the new season just started and I can't wait to get back into it. I'm a massive Star Trek fan too, I think I get that from my Dad. My favourite all time films are Blade Runner, American Beauty. and Star Wars of course.


Liam: I'm a pretty big gamer. If I'm not sat on the internet, I have a pad in my hand button bashing. Eagerly awaiting the latest in the series of GTA games next year, no one will see me for weeks.

Robin: I've always been a fan of the Tony Hawks series, it's the only game I can absolutely smash on, but I'm always down for a heavy night on Mario Kart 64 or Zelda.


Liam: Being a student I'll settle for a cold tin of beans if there's one going. I've also eaten sweetcorn out of the tin. Dominos Pizza is a luxury if we can get about 8 people together, flip my sofa and gather all our change for a 'Two for Tuesdays'.

Robin: Chicken Ceaser salads keep me alive, I'm gonna replace my blood with that dressing. I prefer drinking to eating though, I crave mango Rubicon, If I don't get my daily dose I'm a mess.

You can visit Shelter Point by heading to facebook.com/shelterpointmusic