Were a four-piece band from Glenrothes in Scotland. We play music that's been described as offbeat pop. It's usually quite energetic and we like to try and use different instruments and recording techniques to find new sounds. We'd probably describe ourselves as a guitar band at the heart of it though.

Listening to:

The Smile sessions that got released in November have taken up a fair whack of our listening time. It's obviously still disappointing that the album never got finished but it's also exciting to hear the raw creativity that's all over the sessions. Other albums we've been listing to lately include Subiza and (whats the story) Morning Glory. Slanted and Enchanted and Crooked Rain too…when your recording it's always good to know that however far left you decide to turn, Pavement are usually still 6 turns ahead of you and still sounding great.


When we go to America next month were going to Las Vegas so Fear and Loathing's been getting a once over. Most things we've been reading lately have been from the Sates to be honest. A lot of Hemmingway and Capote. The studio environments a bit more conducive to short story reading. In Cold Blood will probably get reread over a couple of the longer stretches of the tour…I think that's probably how it's meant to be read.


Drive was probably our cinematic highlight of last year. Maybe even the last few years. We were surprised by the lack of Oscar nominations it received. Driving places at night to that soundtrack is a very rewarding experience. I imagine doing so whilst wearing the jacket would be even more so. None of us own the jacket yet. We occasionally watch box sets. Things like the Sopranos and Mad Men, we try to avoid them though. The can become pretty time consuming. It's amazing how quickly you're life's ambitions begin to mimic those of the main character in one of those sets. I'm pretty sure it's not healthy. I imagine a lot of people have lost large chunks of their lives to these programmes.


We play fender guitars and use Fender and Hiwatt amps. We also use a Korg MS-20, a Yama PS-20 and a couple of Roland Samplers. In the studio we like compressors and reverb.


Its good to eat and occasionally good to eat to absolute excess. We're planning at stopping of at a few man vs. food challenges in the states. We made our own one a while ago with some really spicy sauce that one of us got Cuba or something. It was a pretty horrible experience. Someone decided the chicken would taste better if it was put in a blender with the sauce. It didn't.

Promo Info:

We've got a single out calledPaw Prints. Our album comes out at the start of April. We're going to America to play for a month then coming back to the UK for a while then going away again to Europe for a bit of the summer I think.