'Artist Picks' is a feature that aims to prove that bands are just like you and I, complete with everyday interests and feelings. Today's picks come from indie-dance quartet The Operators. The band prove that Bestival isn't the only thing to come out of the Isle of Wight and reveal their love for emo death metal pop, miscellaneous meats and public transport advertisements.

About Us: We're a massive bunch of lads. Four to be exact. We are sustained by a staple diet of non-contact sports, foods high in carbohydrates and delusions of grandeur. We are however, self proclaimed connoisseur's of both fine and controversial banter, and the kids just love us. On a serious note, we are a band that have been described as "one of the UK's most innovative and pioneering soundscapers". We are not Dickensian esq Pop Dandy's...

Listening to: 99% screamo emo death metal pop. The remaining 1% is made up of Bluebell, Rob Cowen, Niki & The Dove, Frank Ocean,Yours & Mine, Azealia Banks, M83, Justice, James Yuill and a few old classics from the likes of Prince & Fleetwood Mac amongst others.

Reading: Primarily at 5th Grade level. We also like to read newspapers, the bottom of McDonalds paper bags to find out who made them, and interesting public transport advertisements. Other than that we're here to lead, not to read, although we are drawn to certain music blogs like our mate Jasper's who writes for yourhandsmusic.tv.

Watching: Anybody that will let us.

Playing: The game.

Eating: Nothing but the freshest and finest ingredients, usually. We're all prone to the odd splurge. We can often be found grazing on a £5.99 15" Pizza riddled with miscellaneous meats procured literally downstairs from the HQ. We've been through 3 nutritionists this year alone, the last of which suggested as a parting shot we more aptly call ourselves 'the bingers'. I feel it important to point out that she herself appeared to have had more Weightwatchers 'Sin' days than Rick Waller.

Promo Info: We have the second half our our debut double-album, Old School House: Step 2, which you can grab from iTunes, Spotify, yaddayaddayadda via Your Hands Music. Download it and your life will dramatically improve.