We're from London, it's hot in October, this is mildly worrying and makes me think the world might end next year, we record our songs on garageband.

Listening to: We're listening to a lot of Girls at the moment, the new Fucked Up album, trash talk, Wavves, Three 6 Mafia, we secretly love the new Florence and the Machine songs too, all that over dramatic wailing about drowning = dead good.

Reading: I am a really big science fiction fan, anything by Philip k Dick - Clare's reading do androids dream of electric sheep, I just finished The Penultimate Truth, I love the way the heroes in his stories are usually complete losers. Ben's reading George Jones - "I lived to tell it all" about a crazy ex cokehead alkie country singer who also has one of the best voices ever.

Watching: so I'm in the middle of watching some super nerdy stuff right now, Fringe with Pacey from Dawson's Creek, and BBCs Merlin and The Fades, I think Merlin is a kids show really but it's great - Giles from Buffy and Victor Meldrew, plus John Hurt! I'm also totally looking forward to the new season of Misfits. Clare saw Drive and is now Ryan Gosling crazy, but I still haven't seen it. Ben's been sucked in by shitty American series', but currently loves It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and 2 Broke Girls. We've also been watching Paramore videos, a lot.

Playing: Can I say Fleetwood Mac covers? You probably mean games...

Mother Knows Best is out on What's Your Rupture and Big Love from 26th October. You can visit the band by heading here.