We are four guys in our very early twenties and from the northern and middle parts of Jutland, Denmark. In this constellation, we have been playing and making music together for about three and a half years now, but Morten, Mathias and Christian have been playing music together since fifth grade. Our debut album will be out in Europe from the letter doves of the label Bella Union on Feb 14th. We've made the album all around the Danish country, some of it in Copenhagen where we live now, some of it in Århus, where Niels comes from, some of it in Støvring, where Mathias, Morten and Christian come from. Almost all of the guitar was recorded in the Nursery School where some of us have worked over the last two years and finally some of it is recorded in the deep reaches of the Jutland mould and forest, out west in a House outside of a little town called Ulfborg, which is something like “Wolfberg” in English. So this is where we spent the last three years, working on this album and waiting for ourselves to finally be finished and satisfied! And now it is, so we hope you all enjoy it if you get your hands on it. Right now, we're just a little bummed out about it being winter in Denmark again and the snow has begun to fall from a dull grey sky. On the bright side though, that gives us more time to sit inside and listen to music. Which brings us to... Listening to: Even though Beach Boys always have been kind of summery with all the surfing, getting girls and such, we think Pet Sounds has always had a Christmas-like feel to it with all its jingle bells, chembalos and further fabulous instrumentation. And since the variety of Christmas songs on your yearly compilations sometimes kind of lacks, you might as well try putting on Pet Sounds and give it a new listen through your snow cold ears and see if it can sound different for the listening pleasure of your December! Start out with 'Let's Go Away For A While!' Apart from that we really like Owen Pallett, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti and Tame Impala at the moment - they have all produced some of the most wonderful albums of the last year. Reading: At the moment we are kind of dull in that department, but a book that some of us recently have read, is 'The Never Ending Story' which is just amazing with all its life forms and enchanting places and what not! The wonderful thing about this book is that it's both for kids and adults because it moves on so many levels. Watching: We watch all kinds of things. 'Mad Men' is the current thing, but of course there is nothing like the thrill of watching 'Twin Peaks' for the first time. Other than that we really like Lynch-movies and some of the Trier-movies are fantastic, especially 'Antichrist'. And then there is Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese cartoonist that made 'My Neighbor Totoro' and 'Spirited Away' - Hats off to him! Eating: Vinegar crisps – very common for you guys in the UK but for us it´s THE new thing by Danish crisp company Taffel. They are simply just Delish! Anything Else: Actually would be a really good band name for our friend Else! Oh yeah, and check out the other bands from our great Danish label TAMBOURHINOCEROS at www.tambourhinoceros.net run by Aske and Kristoffer from OH NO ONO. Promo Info: Check out our Myspace page for all the basics, and then we hope it catches on so that you will remember to listen to our album when February arrives! www.myspace.com/treefightforsunlight