We met at University in Rome and played the local circuit for a while. One day we uploaded a few tracks on Myspace, got some encouraging feedback from UK promoters and labels and decided to try our luck in London without any connection of sorts. Here we met our drummer Anthony and wrote a lot of new material together. Jeremy and Tom completed the line-up recently and here we are.

Listening to:

Metronomy, Tom Waits, TV On The Radio


'The Audacity of Hype' by Armando Iannucci…sublime non-sense. 'Reality Hunger: A Manifesto', a bit pretentious but stimulating. 'A dance with dragons', book 5 of 'A song of ice and fire' by George R.R. Martin - some of his characters would make some Italian politicans look like the good guys...


Finally got round to watching Breaking Bad and it really deserves all the buzz in the world. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is outstanding, too. Went to see The Descendants this weekend and enjoyed it. Not exactly a masterpiece as many critics would have you believe but definitely a good movie.


Our next two shows are in London. You are all invited to our single release party at the Wheelbarrow in Camden on 1st March!


Going to stick with the cliché on this one: penna alla carbonara.

Promo Info:

Our single '1986' will be avail for free on 5th March. Enjoy!