Wet Illustrated are releasing their debut album 1x1x1 on Monday, and to celebrate we put all three of them in the 405 'Artist Picks' hotseat to find out what makes them tick.


Tim: A California parenting experiment by two Texas transplants. Likes sleep and sunshine. Colorblind. 

Robbie: Solid jump shot and relentless defender on the basketball court yet a fierce pruner and able propagator in the garden. Interested in becoming more "outdoorsy" and writing a script for Waterworld 2 staring Captain Ron.

Chrys: The only lyrics I can easily remember in songs are 1990's lady R&B Songs and those of Bob Dylan. The reason could be I was raised by a wild pack of strong minded and brilliant Latina Woman and I just like Bob Dylan.

Listening to:

Tim: 'Electric Day' by You. I think it's their first record. A dancier corner of the Kraut universe.  Also the new Kitchen's Floor record 'Look Forward to Nothing'. Hard for me to dislike a record with the line "Even when I'm down/pissing on the graves/I'm not good enough/I'm not good enough."

Robbie: The Shoes first three albums- One In Versailles, Bazooka! and Black Vinyl Shoes. Also, Eden's Island by Eden Ahbez. He was a naturalist hippy decades before the sixties and happily lived under the "L" of the Hollywood sign when the song he wrote for Nat King Cole shot to #1 on the Billboard charts in 1948.

Chrys: Bert Jansch because the man just up and died! His ability to seamlessly blend two distinct picking styles is mind blowing. He is like lord of the dance on the fret board. 


Tim: Currently re-reading Knut Hamsun's 'Hunger'.

Robbie: A neglected copy of Notes From Underground by Dostoevsky has been seeking my returned interest for a while now. I think it might need to ask more nicely.

Chrys:A bunch of Joyce Carol Oates. My girlfriend was at a sale where they had a bunch of her books for cheap and I said she should swoop on it cause Oates is the cats pajamas at writing intense short stories. She's one of my favourites.


Tim: The newest season of Dexter. I have a sinking feeling the series has run out of steam?

Robbie:Just finished my third run through the Twin Peaks series. This time it was for fashion tips from Bob.

Chrys: True Blood-Seasons 1-3


Tim: Lots of salmon.  I recently threw in the towel on a 12-year vegetarian/10-year vegan streak.  I never developed a taste for salmon before I was a vegetarian, but I'm loving it now.  Salmon (or any other fish) recipes thrown in my direction will be gladly accepted.

Robbie: 2 x A toasted English muffin half with a morningstar patty, over easy egg, spinach sautéed with sundried tomatoes, grated sharp white cheddar cheese and a healthy dose of Siracha. Pair with a tall glass of cold coffee.  

Chrys: Coffee and my words.