Mickey Church: I was born up Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles, a middle child, with an older sister, Kaylie, who is in a band, and a younger brother, Henry, who plays drums in my band, White Arrows. We were always encouraged to play instruments growing up; for me it was piano, and for my brother it was to take after our dad who studied African percussion at Cal Arts and played drums himself. My imagination always was integral in my life because of the fact that I was born without being able to see, so I was living in a world where I could assume that if I couldn't see someone, then they couldn't see me. My eyes progressed, and by the age of 11 I was then able to see with glasses, and suddenly became hyperaware of my surroundings, and the people around me. This made me self-conscious, and somewhat of an introvert, so I looked to other mediums like music, computer games, and films to fill up my free time. I am a fan of music, and bands, and I always have been. Before I wrote any songs, or played in any bands, I had already gone to hundreds of concerts.

I then moved to New York for school. While at college at NYU I started experimenting with far out topics, and recording with my friend. They were all rough songs, but we'd take them to whatever local bar and play the songs through their sound system to see how it sounded, and to see how people reacted to them. I don't really know how it worked, or why, but after we put some songs online, originally under the name Bougainvillea, which became White Arrows, the songs started to get some attention from blogs. I graduated college early to move back home and start figuring out how the songs would sound live with a band. I linked up with some friends, and my brother, and have been playing and writing ever since... about 2 years now. Now that we're out of college and high school respectively we've been able to tour extensively and focus solely on the band. We just finished recording our first record, which was made up at JP, and my house with some songs having been produced by RAC (Andre Anjos). The record is due out this summer, and we have some touring leading up to that.

Andrew Naeve: I'm Andrew, and I'm on keys and samples. I met Mickey through a friend while working at a recording studio in 2011. I started writing and recording with Mickey before I joined the live performing unit, but eventually made the decision to quit my job and go full time. I've been playing with White Arrows for about a year now and things have been nonstop. We've finally finished our album in between constant touring so were pretty excited for it to come out.

Listening to:

MC: I always like to stay current on bands, and see what kind of new music is being made. We just got off tour with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who's album I really like. Also, I like the Timber Timbre record a lot. We listen to a lot Real Estate on tour too, its nice driving music.

AN: Right now I've been listening to a lot of Real Estate, Destroyer, and the local R&B station.


MC: I just finished The Magicians by Lev Grossman, and started the sequel The Magician King. I love magic. David Blaine is the only nonmusical person I follow on twitter. These books are a more adult version of Harry Potter--I highly recommend reading them.

AN: I've been reading Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses on Kindle for iPhone. I read everything on iPhone now. It's great.


MC: On tour I've just been catching up on shows that everyone talks about, and has been talking about... So I started watching Friday Night Lights, The Wire, and am about to start Game of Thrones. I also watch a lot of movies from the 70s, Putney Swope, Shampoo, Midnight Cowboy, Straw Dogs, High Plains Drifter are all some of my favorites.


MC: Draw Something, which is an iphone app game like pictionary. My user name is : LOLOMGLOL if you want to play me ;)


MC: I eat a lot of snacks, but I also have been juicing a lot. Ginger, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice is a cure-all.

AN: I've been fueled by fast food and energy drinks while we've been finishing the album. I can't be bothered to cook for myself. I'm still awaiting the food-pill revolution.

Make a list of your fav things about being on earth?

MC: That there is still so much mystery on it. We still don't know everything about the deep sea, and it's right here with us. There are still species being discovered, and I find that fascinating.

What's in your head right now?

MC: I'm thinking about this picture someone gave me of a mug shot of some one from the 1940s, who looks exactly like me, but I don't know what he was arrested for.

What 5 things define you?

MC: I'd rather have someone else answer the 5 things that they believe define me.

What five things bother you?

MC: Airport security, airline food, not enough sleep, bad breath, strep throat.

AN: I dislike sleeping, eating and excreting. Also, exercise and Sundays.

If you could teach any class what would it be?

MC: Prestidigitation—MAGIC

What did you dream of last night?

MC: Shit was crazy. I had to rescue a woman from this cult of guys that held her captive in a marriage against her will.

What is your favourite thing to eat?

MC: My favorite thing to eat is coconut ice cream.

Who are your favourite people?

MC: David Blaine, Houdini, Jacques Cousteau, and R.L. Stine

AN: My favorite people are all out of their minds in some way, and most, unsurprisingly, are musicians. I find they make more interesting company and usually end up influencing me artistically in some way.

Describe your favourite outfit:

MC: Angel wings, yellow goggles, roller skates, and glow in the dark gloves.

What was your favourite thing to do when you were young?

MC: Ride my imaginary horse named Thunder, and play Counter Strike.

What five things would you like to try in your lifetime?

MC: I would love try Space travel, being part of an excavation, going on safari, going on tour in Japan, and ice fishing.