Name: Dominic Millard

About me: I'm the tall one that hangs around the back of Zulu Winter shows. Listening to: The song I'm listening to relentlessly at the moment is 'Footprints on the Moon' by Johnny Harris. I first heard it on a podcast on the Cafe Kaput blog (, its shimmering strings and delayed piano line are gorgeous! I’m told that the album it’s on, ‘Movements’, was a favourite of break beat producers in the 90s, but for me it’s all about the warmth of the sound and the way that it envelopes you into its world. Hopefully something that we achieve with our sound as well.

Reading: ‘Dr Faustus’ by Thomas Mann. To be honest I'm not really enjoying it much at the moment, hasn't really grabbed me, but its suppose to be a classic! It's the Faust story told by a friend of a German composer who sells his soul to the devil for 24 years of musical genius. The composer’s story is set along side the rise/decline of Germany during the 20th century. I presume there's going to some interesting, thought provoking comparisons made between the composer's obsession and the dehumanisation of Germany in the middle of the last century, but at the moment I'm finding it a bit of struggle!

Watching: Blogs that I love are the aforementioned Cafe Kaput, Found Objects, and Toys and Techniques, they will open you up to sounds, images, films and ideas that you may not have come across before. Johnny Trunk’s OST show on Resonance FM is also great lots of beautiful music. I recommend going to see ‘Film’ by Tacita Dean at the Tate Modern and I’m hoping to see Complicite’s interpretation of ‘The Master and Margarita’, which I believe is coming to the Barbican at some point. It’s one of my favourite books and Complicite are probably one of the best theatre companies around at the moment.

Eating: We’re on tour at the moment so far too many service station sandwiches!

Promo Info: Check out our blog ( for all info and to find out what makes us tick! We're heading up North supporting Givers at the mo, which should be fun. Most importantly our debut single has been released by the wonderful people at Double Denim and is available to purchase through our blog, their website and iTunes!

Catch Zulu Winter live on the following dates:

  • 11 Nov -- Sage, Gateshead supporting Givers
  • 12 Nov - 4pm -- Constellations Festival, Leeds
  • 24 Nov -- Brixton Academy, London supporting Friendly Fires
  • 27 Nov -- Anson Rooms, Bristol
  • 28 Nov -- Olympia, Dublin